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April 21, 1992
  • Can't Add/Receive Friends Requests

    Ayamichii wrote: »
    Seems to still be persisting... I gave support more info so we'll see what happens.

    After a bit it says "Attempting to access Friends List...", is your friend seeing this too?:


    I asked him to take a screenshot. His doesn't look like that, unfortunately.


    It's just completely blank. Really odd that this only affects new players. If it's a bug, I hope it gets resolved. If it's not, I wonder what the reasoning behind it is...
  • Can't Add/Receive Friends Requests

    This is actually for a friend of mine who just started the game a couple days ago. I tried to add him to my friends list so I can help him with stuff, but he can't receive friend requests. Actually, his whole friend list menu is greyed out.

    I'm not sure if this is a bug or not because I took some time away from the game and recently came back. If it's not a bug, what does he need to do to unlock his friend list?
    Also, my friend list is still working fine, so I'm wondering if this is something that only affects new players.
  • Inaccurate Cooking Recipe Percentages

    I like the fact that Nexon decided to include the ingredient percentage on the ingame UI when it comes to the cooking skill. However--and I'm sure many people have noticed--some of these ingredient percentages are not accurate and equal out to more than 100%. It's been bugging me for a while and especially with the new recipes that were introduced with the update, I'd really like Nexon to fix this. So, I made a list of all of the recipes that I've noticed with this issue, along with the percentage that the UI would have it equal out to. Also, if anyone notices any mistakes or if I'm missing something, please let me know and I'll edit this post.

    Apple Juice = 110%
    Assorted Fruits = 165%
    Assorted Sashimi = 110%
    Assorted Sashimi Bibimbap = 110%
    BnR = 110%
    Brifne Rocks = 105%
    Chocolate Milk = 120%
    Coleslaw = 110%
    Crepe Cake = 105%
    Happy Desert Time Combo = 115%
    Kiss on the Lips = 110%
    Leighean Sling = 110%
    Orange Juice = 110%
    Potato & Egg Salad = 140%
    Screwdriver = 105%
    Unagi Sushi = 105%

    Barley Bread = 110%
    Beef Steak = 105%
    Brownie = 105%
    Butter Biscuit = 110%
    Cheese Gratin = 105%
    Chocolate Chip Cookie = 110%
    Churrasco = 115%
    Croque Monsieur = 110%
    Gateau Au Chocolat = 105%
    Milk Bread = 110%
    Pineapple Bacon Skewer = 110%
    Roasted Chicken = 110%
    S'more = 115%
    Schweinshaxe = 110%
    T-Bone Steak = 105%
    Truffle Omelet = 105%

    Hard-Boiled Egg = 110%
    Steamed Potato = 120%

    Bouillabaisse = 125%
    Button Mushroom Soup = 115%
    Cheese Fondue = 105%
    Curry and Rice = 115%
    Gochujang Jjigae = 110%
    Onion Soup = 105%

    Fried Button Mushrooms = 105%
    Fried Vegetables = 165%
    Shrimp Fried Rice = 105%

    Flour Dough = 115%

    Noodle Making
    Assorted Sashimi Noodles = 105%

    Pasta Making
    Short Pasta = 105%

    Jam Making
    Chocolate = 120%

    Steamed Brifne Carp = 120%
    Steamed Trout = 110%

    Pizza Making
    Courcle Pizza = 110%
    Steak Pizza = 110%
    Vegetable Pizza = 110%

    Hakarl = 110%

    Sous Vide
    Moist Salmon Steak = 110%
    Pulled Pork Sandwich = 105%
    Salmon Oyakodon = 110%

    Parboiled Octopus = 110%
    Picnic Chicken Kebab = 110%
  • S> Outfits and Misc. Items!

    Hello! I've emerged from college hell and I'm back! Everything on the list is still for sale! Tims-R-Us is back up in Belvast as well. Please note me if there's anything you want on the list. I'll take offers, but no trades.
    IGN is timaeuss
  • Nexon, Jot this down will you.

    I have to agree, this update is such a step in the right direction! If it weren't for an update like this that was actually fun and refreshing, I would have come back for a day maybe and then left again. But I've been having legit fun with the game again and some of the magic from when I first started playing is coming back. I'll probably be here for a while lol
    GJ Nexon.