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Burn in flames.
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I'm a pyromaniac who also happens to like kitsunes.
  • So uhhh..

    Way to ruin this for everyone else "ReMoVe ThE IcOn" do the community a favor and delete your account thanks.

    Hi there. I remember you from what was known as Tarlach Server. Glad to see you haven't changed.

    Please go back to not existing. The community was a better place before then.

    With a lot of (fake) love,
  • Lots of dailies that need 3+ ppl huh?

    To answer your question,
    -You get more AP from leveling up.
    -AP is used to train up your skills, and having higher-ranked skills leads to higher damage output.
    -You also get more gold from grinding your levels. (Assuming you spam HM/Elite SMs), leading to affording better gear/weapons --> leading to higher damage output and overall better performance from your end. Also leads to buying more potent shadow crystals (or higher), which leads to even more money (when used on SMs) --> even more money to afford better equipment ---> even higher damage output and performance.

    Yeah, leveling up is helpful in more ways than one.

    Also, Leech QQing, really? New day, new topic to complain about.
  • New Event Again

    It's an attendance event, but instead of instantly receiving a reward upon logging in, we only get points, and have to wait up to 60 minutes to get the best chunk of points. And the "rewards" are only obtainable through the point shop, where you can have enough points to get the scooter and literally nothing else.

    I get it that we just had Hot Day weekends that gave us things for logging in, but is overnerfing the Attendance Event really this necessary?