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  • I guess VIP update was a lie

    Games use other mediums to discuss things and gather for in-game content. Sadly like all games...including this one. You need to be in a guild for anyone to really help you...which is kind of sad imo. I remember in the beginning of Mabi, meeting so many ppl and they were all in over 10 different guilds...but they had a hard time because I didn't join one and the guilds don't really help other guilds...nor do they help the guildless.

    Either way....using VIP to have a guild to keep socially active does become a steep price. Maybe requesting/suggesting a Guild NX item to keep guilds active? Much like the style tab and extra equipment inventory. Or better yet...that should be a free entitlement in game after reaching some sort of achievemnt...or maybe get a reputation? Something so that even bot's can't make them.

    VIP itself needs to be redone and it needs to be updated A.S.A.P. if they want to hold onto the player base and finances. As it is....if this keeps up...when they do revamp in nearly a year after they stated, "Soon." I'm not sure they are going to see any return if at all. Players are already not coming back to playing this game as it is. It's more of a log in and log out without sufficient income.

    All the gatcha's ....even if they have items that I would like...I wouldn't purchase them. I think more people are starting to mature their craving for new items now.

    Companies have to remember that the majority of the ppl won't ever say anything and will just move on. Much like anything else. There is no feedback and they will continuously wonder why and request for ppl to talk give them idea's how to save the game ...when's right in front of them. If people really wanted change...they would make it happen. Ppl don't realize how much power a consumer has..even if they don't spend that much...if at all.
  • Can't kill Hasidim... (Raven Ruin Quest)

    -shrugs- I know that the newer generations are based mostly off the chainskills. Much like G9+ was geared towards alchemy. Doesn't mean you have to use them tho. With Duncan allowing skill should be do-able to invest in anything and try it out to see if works.

    There should be a whole necro section of this because ppl had difficulties beating these bosses via the storyline and there have been many helpful hints and tips. Everyone had great idea's.
  • Did you all manage to get your desired names?

    Still curious about later when they merge the server that will pan out.

    I kept one of my characters names. The rest I left to those who still want it til next week. Hope everyone else who hasn't posted they're having problems, figures it out or gets it resolved soon. Best of luck all.
  • What do people like about spirit weapons?

    Back in the day's the spirit weapons were the equivalent of S and R grade weapons in comparison.. It had it's own artwork and animation with the attacks and was an ally in combat as you can use their awakening attack a handful of times before charging again. Remember this was when windmill was the most powerful mobbing skill at the time....spirit weapon awakening was the next skill that could help demolish a roomful of formor hoards.

    It is going through a revamp as we speak. KR already stating they are trying to figure out how to rework the spirit weapons.
  • can ego weapon get erg lvl ?

    A KR video showed they are trying to rework the spirit weapon system to make it more viable since special stone upgraded weapons and erged weapons outperform them. It's a sit and wait game now to see what they come up with.