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  • Don't help if you don't want to.

    It's not really rare. Most patrons in various area's...will just leave and not come back if they don't like it. So we won't really hear too much of it. It happens more often than not in every server. I really wish this wasn't so, but I still see it quite often. Much like the dark side of the game that most ppl don't see.....still exists which is pretty toxic to the community.

    All I have to say is to not let anyone keep you down and hope you find the better players in the community. It's just hard to differentiate between a player who is making a new character and an experienced player/veteran who is making a new character to take advantage of other players.

    It is also hard for new players as the older players are using them for various things such as gathering materials to rank their own skills or bringing them on runs telling them that the treasure key is theirs and not the new player as they are looking for X item. The list goes on. Think the worst was not helping a beginner unless they joined their guild.
  • no new events for a while now, whats next for mabi

    Callanthe wrote: »
    Yup. Funny thing is, I used to really like L-rod, but at some point it's just too repetitive. Especially when I'm looking for that one specific thing and the game decides to throw all the artefacts I don't want at me :(

    Just do..think its's G9-G10 with alchemy to get the demigod so you can run around instead of L-rods at times. Reason for all the questlines being available to ppl is there is different storylines so you don't have to do them in order....but it helps.

  • Community Live Stream on

    Seems I'll be skipping out on this stream.
  • Fishing 2nd titles question

    From the lack of information given, I would assume so. Otherwise people would be scrambling for specific titles like usual.
  • Character Stacking Bug

    Usually when it does that for the character loading's because the setting doesn't allow the changing of files. So when it updates your character has to load it all the time. Same with your pet list once you are in-game, should you organize it usually.

    I forget where the setting is, but you need to make sure you turn it off so that it can save your Mabinogi data files.

    As for the missing pet....I'm not sure about that until the first option is resolved....then I would submit a ticket if all else fails if someone else has any other assistance to offer.