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  • Can we please have the VIP update?

    With all the trade controversy and tariff scares...would you like NA?
  • The game automatically closes down

    Usually the launcher creates it own, either way the directory file location should be the same.
    I doubt this will help, but..... to set the program to run as's actually under the Properties tab.
  • The game automatically closes down

    Usually if you right click the icon it brings up a menu to "Run as Administrator" even if you are the Administrator still have to go about doing so.

    My spouse has the same computer I do and I don't have any problems with running Mabi, but my spouse DC's constantly and there is nothing on the computer. Did all the updates and scans....literally a brand new computer...factory set..took out all the various un-needed software and such and it still crashes and dc's ....and atop of it....has to re-install the launcher multiple times each time it dc's or crashes. So definately not the only one with problems...Wish Nexon NA would do a full on scan with their launcher and client to make sure it's self sustainable.

    It definitely sounds like a clash of software issues somewhere....I know I install a lot of games..mainly ones that run different net frames or direct X files. I'm wondering if it might have to do with any of those files.
  • Can we not immediately scream for nerfs?

    What rank do you recommend for Anchor Rush? I'm doing this quest for G21 next, and mine is only rA right now.

    Just enough to get out of a windmill circle or slightly larger. Test it out yourself. The golem doesnt do any damage til you hit the just gets annoying trying to run out of the circle. lol
  • Can we not immediately scream for nerfs?

    Soll wrote: »
    For the final boss, few tips:
    -Youcannot summon pets in there, so stock up on balloons, potions and other things you need in your inventory instead beforehand. Preparation goes a long way in this one.
    -Use shield of trust after the judgement blades are loaded/while they are crashing down, since it's the red aura after them that kills you. Aim your camera up at him to see the blades properly once you see him load them.

    - You gotta drag his HP down to 79-78% to trigger the cutscene and transformation.
    - Once Transed, keep timing the hammer right and check your HP, since the counter resets if you untrans/die. Use Nova obliteration when you have a good amount of divine blast going (like 10-15 minimum), you'll deal more damage with it. The boss uses lightning rod, but has a crappy aim with it.

    It pains me to say that after circling the coffin fighting him to almost 79% he managed to divine skill lock me from afar right at 80% hp and use his blade....long ways of the coffin. Not sure how he does it all the time but he even got me when i was probably 2 dungeon room lengths away and locked it so I couldn't use divine shield. It is pretty painful when you get so close to the home stretch to get that new transformation.

    I'm not sure how people do damage to him when he keeps spamming those slashes like the grim reaper atop of that AoE + divine skill lock. I can barely get hits in just doing thunder/fireball spamming.