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  • (KR) More Romantic Farm/Homestead Details

    I'm not sure I'm looking forward to people with a bunch of alternate characters and accounts to boost up their own homestead.......much like the Courteous title from getting hearts from Millitians.

    Also, not ready for ppl to go to my homestead in a different channel only to find out I need to CC and go to that channel and log off and relog to access my homestead in the channel I was currently in. Especially when you have a shop open.

    They need to fix the Favorites in homesteads when people lock them up so that people don't have to wait for the unlock to go to the homestead to un-favorite the homesteads.

    Other than that.......excited to see some changes to the homestead in general. Still shopping for someone to sell the expansion tickets.
  • What Server Has the Most People?

    When something good comes out...pretty much all the channels on all servers are lit up. I would say if it's enough to attract just about everyone back....Mari would be your server for fullness. I don't think I've seen it full in years though. I would say any server would be since it's really based on your luck of the draw running into people you meet to do things in game. Just about every server is the same in how dead it feels since most people do dedicated runs via guild or otherwise. Outside from that it's pretty harsh.

    Keep exploring milletian and you shall find someone in your will be quite a journey/quest.
  • Does changing channels incur gold/exp penalty?

    They should have a notice much like logging off but when changing channels so that people can decide on changing channels or not. It could be annoying too. I'm not sure. Either that or just have a basic timer like all games before you can change channels or log off.

    Yeah the penalty does apply, hence if you do a search on commerce as well.....lot of people not too too happy about dcing.
  • Hide Channel, by default?

    Have you also tried un-ckeck marking the "Show from default channel"? Quite odd the "Hide channel" resets every time.

    If that doesn't work can block the whole channel too. Not sure if you want to do that since people use it to search the markets as well and advertise.
  • Premium vs VIP

    Probably their best deal for service is during the blackout Friday event/cyber Monday. Otherwise not worth investing in VIP. It helps in lessening the dura loss so you don't have to repair up the wazoo unless you play a lot doesn't matter. Also, continent warping anytime you want is convenient when you need to travel certain places ASAP less you have time to waste.

    Other than that.....still waiting for them to get rid of the HCH system since that's pretty bad and for them to implement the new housing via homes in the homestead. There isn't any point in waiting for a guild to take over housing to build a house and sell on the market just so you can get access to service you paid for just to pay in-game gold to use.