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  • Can this be right?

    Be careful as they have redone what you see sometimes. You need to make sure you are able to see all your character cards and pet card slots. A lot of times they are set up so your only have active characters or favorite characters/pets showing. Each account I think is given 7 cards in total to start out.

    You can still send mail to a lot of characters that have not been active since the beginning of mabi. Be wary since most of these accounts do get hacked into and lost without their owners knowing since they left the game for so long. If you are trying to log in and your password doesn't work anymore you might need to do a password reset and get that situated. I know there were a handful of times where it needed me to change it, but never mentioned it.
  • 10th Anniversary Player Video Submission

    It is really a great idea and you can't stop people from trolling and saying bad things...but NX staff is supposed to moderate their game as well as forums. I think if they did that more fluently to be seen by the community...especially in game...I don't think people would mind doing such an event. Not saying that no one will do this event, but you lose quite a handful of players not participating because of things that are passively unrelated to the events that directly effect it.
  • Banking won't bank

    You can either make checks at their max limit and store them away...or you make more characters just to increase your bank limit. Each account has 5 character cards I well as 2 assistant elf and giant cards if you follow the storyline on your human character to obtain those. So in essence....7 character cards all together.

    For 50 mil+....some ppl have more than 10 characters on their account or they just do what I first explained via checks.
  • Crash Everytime When Access Webpage

    It's usually like this because a company can only test so much before releasing the patch. They do have computers they do test runs with some variants, but since personal computers can't accommodate for all the various software.
    Ellisya wrote: »

    Question is that, why do WE have to adjust and fix the problem while its happening because of Nexon? There are many more people who don't check forum at all. Not being rude or anything but I'm just curious. I know you are just trying to help other people who are suffering this issue though which is thankful >.<)b

    Usually the more information the better....Logging a ticket after researching and attempting to troubleshoot with the basics that they cover is a good practice. There is a standard when logging a ticket usually...I really wish they would post that format so things would go a lot smoother in helping people.
  • Is it wrong to like pineapple pizza?

    EGGPLANT PIZZA!!!!! Not sure I would mix it with pineapple.... -.-