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  • Let's Fish with Larry again!

    Hazurah wrote: »
    what happen with Halloween or even lantern event?

    If you read the other topics, it's been postponed till it's fixed. Halloween might be afterwards...who knows.
  • What do mabinovel collection books do?

    You pretty much have fun making your own short stories. The books help you get additional characters and scenery's to use. If you do....don't forget to do the mabi novel quest to obtain the bag to hold all the books. Not sure if you can re-obtain certain books again or not. I haven't tried it out since I lack inventory space.
  • SABINA! Where is our Halloween Forum Event!?

    The minimum requirement is a Bachelors degree, this limits the number of applicants because there are a lot of people who don't have a degree or just an associates. Which is a shame because there are plenty of ppl who would more than qualify without such credentials and be good at the position, but alas they can't because they don't have a bachelors. For those who just started out from college won't have the experience either so it's quite a lose lose situation..
  • Simon's Clothing Bag

    There are some events that are one time release and sadly the simon bag I think is one of those. I think they'll re-release the anniversary ones? Besides with the rate the gatcha's are going there's bound to be ppl you can buy the better bags from or try your luck out.
  • No event?

    Gleemypuff wrote: »
    Please, a fishing event. Preferably a potion one so I can hoard more mana pots.

    I still have pots from fishing events from yrs ago.

    All the clothes and potions and gems......Not sure I want that especially most of the players who don't have much inventory space as it is.

    Halloween and xmas might not have a good overhaul in bringing players back, depends on what they bring out. It might end up like how it is now after a week or so of release. Would be a shame really.