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  • You know if the balloon event actually...

    The temptation is real. It's hard to resist, but you don't have to do any of the events. It's just how beneficial it is to the player. Most of the players who afk and use alts already have their skills maxed out and hence their AP pool is huge. Tis why the Music Q via the Abb lake with Echo Stones atop of the Brionic AP repair and such exists to reduce and sink some points in there if you have excess.

    Events like this help out lower level players and not so much for the higher tiers. This is a great filler event atop of things as people can train and gain recovery items. AP potion and skill training is always a plus and have always been abysmally low. I always like the small balloons and store some in my inventory. I just wish they were 1x1.
  • How to get back out of housing area

    When you use the housing.....and switch to different area's in the need to make sure you switch back to the original housing to use your coupon as it will not give you another coupon for going to another housing area from the housing area. If you have waxen wings...those should work if I am not mistaken.

    Ex: Moving from Dugald to Abb Neagh need to go back to Dugald to use your coupon.

    I know the search helps at times cause it highlights the item....granted I still miss it since it's a 1x1 item lol. But it does help pop out if you have a darker colored UI when it's done....and you're welcome.

    Are you sure you don't have the statue for the glowing stone? Most people do that first because it's tedious to obtain the rain one vs the regular sketch....I would try sketching it again and see what happens.

    Not sure if you have VIP and multiple bags...but I would see what the name of the artifact is and type it in the search bar in the inventory to highlight it. Helps a bit especially for the smaller items.
  • Crashing\Repairing Install

    There is a .dll file that saves your pet settings and such...I think it's in your mabi folder in documents beside the screenshot. The basic hotkeys are saved automatically on the server side, if I'm not mistaken. You will have to dig around with the search function,but there is a way to clean mabinogi from your registry as well because that becomes a problem a handful of times.

    Sorry I'm not much help as to provide links, but it's around in the forums.