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  • Enchants

    orcabluewa wrote: »
    Is there a list somewhere that shows which items can be used with certain enchants?

    that should do it for you. if you know the rank of the enchant just click on the link and itl take you to the list. otherwise just ype in the name. tho bare in mind some enchants share names but for separate items.
  • Castles Supposed to be System-Run, Right?

    i think what its saying is that, a guild can still bid and win the guild castle. but once the lease on the castle has expired the System will take over things until a new guild takes over. so that way their is no downtime during the transfer of ownership.
  • So with the new Gachas...

    Hellkaizer wrote: »
    Maia wrote: »
    Yeah prices are going back up on the stances it seems like lol people must be gacha'd out

    Stances have made me more gold than most gacha recently. Bought all the stances for 3-4m (minus bow for 10m, and bare handed for 9m) on day one, now they just keep climbing.

    Bought bow stance for 10, sold it for 15, rebought it for 9. Bought bare handed for 9, sold it for 16, rebought it for 8... It's really nice.

    People like you sicken me. buying items like that for cheep just to sell them really high to make yourself even more gold with absolutely NO regard to the fact that other people may want to get them for cheap. thus screwing the rest of us over because of your greed.

    people like you are the very reason the Devs need to step in and start putting limits on how high a item can be sold in the market. i.e item A can only be sold from 0-1M gold while Item B could be sold from 0-10M gold. and no higher as the game wont let you.

    itl fix this broken economy which is what i want.
  • New KR update to help newbies

    Sherri wrote: »
    I just came into the phase of accepting that this update will happen eventually and now I know that everyone can do it, I feel a lot better.

    Except when I read the part about the first(?) ones completing sections (AKA the tryhards) getting handed free Nexon cash (which i assume is NX) and now I'm pissed all over again lmao

    so what? the most dedicated of players get rewarded for their efforts. nothing wrong with that. im glad their rewarding players who show massive commitment and not just hand stuff out. or let every players do it otherwise that will be very quickly abused.
  • Nexon. Do something about seizure dyes

    Rhey wrote: »
    AgentJean wrote: »
    Seizure prevention is more important than you need for bling wear.

    But u can blacklist already. :(
    My wardrobe needz moar unique colors. Pink/Green/Red/blue gets stales pretty fast when U got over 1000+ things 2 bling up. :s
    Buffalos wrote: »
    Unless the character is taking up 80% of your screen space I don't think there's any flashy dye in the game that could induce a seizure. Could be wrong with that, but I think the "seizure inducing" tag is a bit of an over exaggeration. Doesn't make 'em any less annoying to look at when on people like Rhey people who slap dye well dyes randomly on everything they own, though.

    B-b-but it's...
    I've already tried the whole "Monotone" colors thang. It got boring fast. There's moar flair in the flashinogi department. :p

    problem asrises with the blacklist tho to solve the issue of flashy dyes. that person may be selling something your looking for but because they are blacklisted you dont see them. as a result you just straight up dont know,

    it would be best if nexon just implemented a direct feature that disabled flashy dyes on that persons screen. -removed-