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  • ...20 barri basic runs and No Crystal.

    Buffalos wrote: »
    Veylaine wrote: »
    Technically the 2nd crystal can be dungeon instance ( succubus fiend ) but practically it is field monster only

    And then you lock out all the newer/low ended players who just wanted a cool skill because they can't do end game content. On a more important note, my guild went into phantasm and farmed fiends in the boss room for 30 minutes and got no drops.

    this is also why i think that they should make it 2 ways you can obtain the crystals.

    method 1 geared to anyone. You can do easy game content like fishing or acient hunting or killing hornets but it has a chance to drop.

    or method 2 geared towards end game or high level players. Clear a high level or endgame activity that is assigned to that crystal for a guaranteed drop.

    or example. i need the 5th crystal, i can either just spam run normal or basic dungeons for the chests at a chance for the crystal, or i can slug through some of the harder content in the game for a guaranteed drop for the crystal. opening a means of RNG or 100% drop rate and makes it that their is always at least 1 way for a newbie to still get the item. essentially Risk Vs Reward.
  • ...20 barri basic runs and No Crystal.

    ya im at the point where im about to give up. over 100 dead end chests opened and no crystal. this is absolutely insane and incredibly boring. who in their right mind thought it would be a good idea to make this thing so incredibly rare? most of my drops are gold and when i do get extra stuff its just 5-6 Stamina 100 potions. if this was a crafting part for the new Celtic chain blade id understand the rareity. but a necessary fetch item for a Skill quest? Come on.
  • ...20 barri basic runs and No Crystal.

    Hazurah wrote: »
    Underground places like solea and the one in the desert

    wait what?
  • ...20 barri basic runs and No Crystal.

    wow. RNG is being very very stingy on this thing. trying get the 5th dorcha crystal for the quest and i just ran 20 barri basic runs opening all dead end chests and not a single crystal dropped.

    seriously this is so stupid. theyve shouldve gone with the system where you can run easy content for a chance of the crystal dropping or harder content for a guaranteed drop. at this rate this is just stupid.
  • The Sad-Reason why I think Outfit-Bags are Dying.

    Liyeta wrote: »
    From f2p perspective outfit bag or shuffle card is better since its more affordable in game.

    -More affordable in game
    -Cheap to buy in web shop
    -More widely accessible then gacha means more people willing to buy them thus Lots of money rolling into Nexons Bank account

    Outfit bags were a win-win for all parties involved except the Ego stroking Fashionogis who do nothing but want to stand around in the fanciest and rarest gear.