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  • Because we need more wings

    Sherri wrote: »
    one of the reasons why i recently have been working on life skills so i can start making the high level items and handing them out and selling in Cheap on mass. because if it lowers the market price and thus hurts your Income then that's good. finally get to knock you of your pedestals so you realize just how badly you ruined the games market for people. then again i guess intellect isn't very common these days.

    That could fix up the economy.. if multiple people did it, however. If anything, people will take advantage of your prices and sell if for more, possibly.
    Unless you hand them out to newer players.. which are hard to find too. It's always alts. :/
    However, coming from a person who hasn't reached 10m in my bank ever yet, thanks. I'm happy people do care about us. ( As cheesy and self centered this sounds. :( )

    Your welcome. ive been around since Gen 3 and remember a much kinder, loving and giving community who went out of their way to help new players get started. nowadays players only care about themselves even if its a detriment to the game as it shuns away newer players. i do everything i can to help newer players. even ask if they need help and are willing to become their friend to help them along and teach em the ropes.

    people like Gaea want the status quo to stay. they dont want to go back to the good old days where people looked out for each other even if it was only to lend a hand in a 10 mins dungeon. they look at you and scoff at you if you have "less then desirable gear" as they think your a peasant and not worth their time.

    and if what im doing makes people like Gaea squirm and unhappy then im doing something right. ill gladly keep helping newer players out. because i at least understand that people like us wont always be around and will need to "pass the torch" so to speak to the newer players when we leave.
  • Because we need more wings

    Greta wrote: »
    Well that's your issue for wanting latest fashion. I usually just camp in corner and wait for items to drop in value or if i get lucky i find cheap new fashion in personal shops and instantly grab them. If outfit exceeds more than 10m gold - nope, just gonna stay with current outfit.

    i dont want the latest fashion. OH. my fault for wanting to look out for the little guy and wanting to make the market more fair and not driven by greed. unlike you Lot. ive seen so many new players come and go just because they see something nice that would suit their character and see just how overpriced it is and see how expensive so many things in the market are.and thus quit the game for good. my character is set. she has her Fox like appearance. and high level end game gear or rather very close to it. but that doesn't mean i cant look out and try and make the game a better place for everyone. then again im not driven by the same toxic mindset that many of you share uncommon with people who ragged on Colin Kaepernick and the football players who kneeled during the national anthem in protest of black inequality. i actually have morals and understanding of how things work. some of you are on a high horse and refuse to lend the newer players a helping hand just to further your own Growth and power.

    one of the reasons why i recently have been working on life skills so i can start making the high level items and handing them out and selling in Cheap on mass. because if it lowers the market price and thus hurts your Income then thats good. finally get to knock you of your pedestals so you realise just how badly you ruined the games market for people. then again i guess intellect isnt very common these days.
  • Because we need more wings

    Gaea wrote: »
    Kokoro wrote: »
    Hey that female that something we have already? Cause it looks great and I can't believe that I've missed it.

    EDIT: okay it looks like there's a new Beauty Box gacha coming soon in KR. Lots of new styles this time and they all look spectacular!

    Meh... nothing will top spiral twin tips. It is going to be tough to make me switch.
    Gaea wrote: »
    Xiokun wrote: »
    I'll stick to these cheap 5m and below wings. They're as gorgeous as ones costing over 20m.

    That, and if you wait a year, all wings get re-released and end up about that price anyway ^.^ That's usually how I get all mine lol.

    I was quite surprised with the last gacha we got, I saw quite a few of the wings for only about 10m on Tarlach. I almost got a pair of the red ones but I don't like how big the new wings are so :/ Pass.

    Ruairi's market blows, everything is super cheap. All the new wings go for 5-10m. Things that used to make me super rich don't.

    That's also another reason I don't buy gacha anymore. I used to buy it so I could have stuff to sell, but not only does jack **** drop from these recent gachas, but if I do get something rare it is not worth 20m or even 10m. The market basically shows that we can no longer make huge profits anymore because those who would spend anything ARE NO LONGER ON THE SERVER.

    So yeah there's that.

    GOOD. im glad things are dropping drastically in price. NOTHING in this game should ever exceed 10m in price. anything over that is honestly just Greed, imho its people just sending a big F You to more casual players who just want to make their characters look nice but are forced to wear garbage looking items because this communities market is so jacked up in its prices.

    which is why im so hoping that nexon implements a Mandatory max price limit in the market. so people cant sell items over their set price. (can still do it but requires multiple trades thus increasing sellers chance of getting scammed so its a risk vs reward.

    for example,

    Devil Wings. max price on the market through trade or shop/kiosk/mail= 1m paying over 10 m for the item requires multiple trades increasing potential risk of scamming to the seller. but the item can be sold for any amount from 0-Max price limit so you can sell the wings for 1m or any price below its max price limit. that way people cant just overprice things and this would make the market more realistic in affordability. as things sell like hotcakes creates supply and demand. as things are more affordable,

    enough of this "auction at 50m for tuan wings but Buy it for 100m and its yours" that was a real thing i saw when those released because someone on the tarlach server chose to buy the wings for 100m which screwed the market for those so hard for everyone.


    Please. Gaea. do the community a favour and post something constructive instead of a worthless Picture that contributes NOTHING.

    Edit: i did want to say this tho. people like you who leave something like that 99% of the time have absolute zero rebuttal because they cant think of anything to discredit what the person is saying. so you leave a worthless picture or comment to seem witty. Your not.
  • Im tired of this mess with Dungeons....

    ya. ever since they increased the "Difficulty" of the dungeons ive been saying it was a awful decision. they shouldn't have buffed the enemies in the dungeons. they should've brought in new difficulties to every dungeon. give every dungeon a HM/Abyss/Phantasm version. all with enemies and rewards unique to that dungeon. not needlessly buff the enemies inside.

    and its all thanks to veterans who cried their eyes out that they now can roflstomp the enemies in the dungeon. thats how these games go. you progress, raise levels up. increase stats, and even train skills..... Ya of course your going to reach a point where you absolutely demolish the enemies.

    thats like a weight lifter starting off with 10 pounds and lifting weights for 1 hour every day for a month and then ending at 200 pounds and complaining its far to easy to lift 10 pounds. its childish thinking. if people dont like being able to walk all over the enemy after a considerable even years amount of time. then just dont strengthen your character. as simple as that.
  • Do the majority of mabi players use mods?

    Greta wrote: »
    Redhenzi wrote: »
    I personally never have and never will use mods even if they become "official". I don't see a point to them but I have seen numerous people say they use them and like already stated they brag about it or the bad ones call out others cp like that makes them special or op to belittle others for their cp. I wish people would get banned who use them.

    I agree with you 100%. This is literally what i thought when i posted comment here. You can report players who mod and show evidence like screenshot the chat of players who bragged about what CP they have and/or commented about other players CP as well or any other conversation that gives a proof that player has a modded game. I'm really sure that GM will check it out if you make good evidence.
    Excuses like "But people use mods to get better gaming experience in Mabinogi" is a huge bs, because i seen a lot of players who got mods mostly because of those specific benefits that mods can offer. Stop defending cheaters, it makes me sick seeing that.

    stuff that gives players advantages such as stuff like the ability to detrans in rabbie arena of years past. are Hacks. Not mods.

    Modders are majority those who do harmless things such as alter their characters appearance to their liking, boost game performance such as Frame rate. or just to imbue abit of their own creativity. such as Skyrim. i know i find myself downloading tons of new of them being a Fox girl Race.

    Hackers/cheaters are those who deliberately alter the game code to suit their favour. are their mods that give a slight benefit? ya but most are very insignificant but more cheats then mods.

    you saying people who are using mods to boost game performance are just using it as a excuse to cheat and gain benefits over other players is very Petty and inconsiderate of you.

    im really wanting a mod that replaces my Char human legs with Digitigrade fox legs with Paw's on the bottom as i love the look of it and idea. and goes more with my characters theme of being a fox girl. are you saying i should be Banned because im wanting to use a harmless Cosmetic only mod which does nothing but alter the looks of my legs on my screen and does nothing to hurt your game play? you wouldn't even see them so what would it matter to you?

    i also saw you saying that you report anyone and wanting them banned for using mods.i take it you even extend that to people using harmless mods that boost game performance or alter something cosmetically on their screen? that makes you look like nothing more then a Ass hole.

    and i know theres modders out there in gaming who use just cosmetic mods in games that do delve a slight bit into Hacks but dont use them. but have no problem using it on absolutely destroying someones Account. who reported and got them banned just for using cosmetic mods. such as making his character look like Master Chief from Halo on his screen.

    i know my brother did that to someone on one of his games. for getting his 5 year old account Permanently banned for just using a Mod that turned his character into Batman aesthetically. so my brother hacked into the guys account and 100% reset the guys account to scratch. making him start all over from the very beginning after spending 6 years on it. my brother hasn't regretted it since. remarking. "dont play with fire if you dont wanna get burned"

    implying that the guy shouldn't report someone just modding the game aesthetically for fun if they dont want it to backfire and get their account destroyed or whatever because they dont know if he knows how to hack or not. and honestly after what the guy did to my brother for getting him banned i dont blame him for killing the guys account since he basically ruined 5 long years of hard work for my brother so my brother just chose to return the favour.

    point being. Modders arnt cheaters. unless they want to be to get back at you for getting them banned. which you have to watch out for. people like my brother are completely Harmless and ok with you unless you get them banned for something so petty as using a cosmetic mod. Mods are good.Hacks are back.