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  • Unpopular Opinion: Cancel the Legendary Item Event

    CMKyrios wrote: »
    Hey guys. So I don't think cancelling it an option. But, I'm down to collect your thoughts on the event. Overall reception seems fairly negative, and lukewarm at best. Am I understanding the following correctly:
    - Items are obtained too quickly. Solution: Decrease the rate, impose a re-queue cooldown maybe?
    - Alt abuse. Solution: Item bound to character?
    - Lag-inducing players. Solution: Unsure what's plausible from a development perspective here. One idea of splitting players into the channels seemed decent.

    I know that some of you may be thinking: "Just do better events next time!" but we'd still like conducive feedback on how this type of event could be improved. I like some of the things y'all wrote in here.

    1.) this problem is solved by the proposal i have for #3

    2.) have the item be bound to the character that won it, even a trade unlock wont work. it will effectively kill advantage 1 player has over others by having 20 alts while others have 1 or maybe 2. as it cant be traded at all it forces them to play with 1 char and that character being the one they want the item for. thus making it fair for everyone Participating in the event knowing that everyone has a equal shot.

    3.) Instead of having players congregate in one location causing terrible framerate drops and lag from the people being their and the dirtbags who want to cheat and sabotauge other players by getting others exspeccially those on weaker machines to crash thus robbing those players of a legit chance, (honestly if these players were banned for doing that crap i wouldnt miss em)
    i advocate that instead 1 winner per channel er item is chosen but it works off a Ticket system like the one at the banquet hall. you show up to any general store in the game and buy a Ticket, these tickets become available 10 minutes before the winner is chosen, that way players can grab their ticket and head off to do what ever they want while waiting for the winner to be chosen, and then who ever the winner is will have the item immediately dropped off in their inventory. this also has the benefit of players being free to do whatever they want once they have their Ticket. instead of restricting them to one location.

    Ultimately i would actually like to see a events like that of the Saint Guardian Drop event become a tradition, i loved that event so much and farmed it like crazy.
    id say have these events running monthly, switching the reward each month from one gacha to anouther each time. this can help greatly to bring older gacha items back into circulation. and you can have them rotate between activities like SM's, Dungeons, ect to break up the monotony and bring variation.

    overall to bring more activity to the game rather then people AFKing all the time, and to help bring older items back into circulation which also helps fix this messed economy by driving down the prices on things.
    TiroSebastianRadiant DawncourtneyyCMKyriosskpkion
  • What would you guys like revamped the most?

    for me. Dungeon like platiniakoki said "de-vamp" that update did more harm then good. it made every dungeon activity more tedious then it needed to be. and honestly devalues our work to become stronger. in a advanced dungeon like cair i would one shot things with my chain blade. but because we have this needless change to dungeon it takes 3 hits to kill a Laghodessa. the problem with dungeons wasnt that they were to hard. there wasnt anything to entice us into going. and we wanted newer difficulties. like Alby Abyss, Ciar Abyss, Alby Phantasm. ect. and add a trial to all dungeons.

    the best approach to the dungeon revamp would've been this way.

    Hardmode alter and varients added to all dungeons.
    Abyss mode added to all dungeons. New boss for each abyss.
    Phantasm difficulty added to all dungeons with new enemies fitting the dungeons theme, and new rewards unique to said phantasm.
    Boss trial added to all dungeons. revamped boss trial system with weekly leader boards that give a special title to the top 3 performers for each dungeon for that week and drop special items. for example celtic weapon parts for beating the phantasm boss of that dungeon.

    these changes could even translate over to the Iria dungeons to an extent.

    honestly its really infuriating that i NEED 3 other people to run alby adv hm and get the 8 total chests at the boss room. im currently sitting on like 100 extra keys right now worth of cocoons with no real way to use them. not to mention i need the freaking pass.
  • Wiki hasnt been updated on this yet. Chain quests

    so i went to the wiki and apparently they havnt updated the information for these quests. but i need all the information on what to do and where and how to get all the items needed for Raging spike and Bachram Explosion quests. as im on those quests now. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
  • ...20 barri basic runs and No Crystal.

    Siodhan wrote: »
    Who the heck even thought of putting two of the crystals for a skill quest on SHARED mobs in open areas in very limited numbers for an entire damn server? AND made them tradable, so that people could constantly farm and monopolize said mobs? Which barely sentient being did they pick to come up with this idea? I do not understand.

    EDIT: and don't even get me started on the CP problem with the droprate. I''ve got next to everything maxed. Come on?

    i just hate Fetch quests tied to unlocking skills in general. its annoying trying to get get 6 items and all but 5 of them rely on pure RNG to be nice to you. thankfully i only need 2 and 5. but 5 is being a total pain to get.

    unlocking skills should require some sort of Excuse the pun...skill.

    also theirs like 6 or 7 different people on the Tarlach server trying to buy the 5th Dorcha crystal.
  • 5 Million gold storage chest?

    so i went and spent all my coins on the festia machine. and one of my prizes among many gift boxes and talant seals for chain slash. i got a box that says
    5 Million gold storage Chest. and it says in the description.

    "only the winner of the festia instant prize can receive this 5 million gold storage chest"

    does anyone else know what this actually means or gives?