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  • Because we need more wings

    Greta wrote: »
    Well that's your issue for wanting latest fashion. I usually just camp in corner and wait for items to drop in value or if i get lucky i find cheap new fashion in personal shops and instantly grab them. If outfit exceeds more than 10m gold - nope, just gonna stay with current outfit.

    i dont want the latest fashion. OH. my fault for wanting to look out for the little guy and wanting to make the market more fair and not driven by greed. unlike you Lot. ive seen so many new players come and go just because they see something nice that would suit their character and see just how overpriced it is and see how expensive so many things in the market are.and thus quit the game for good. my character is set. she has her Fox like appearance. and high level end game gear or rather very close to it. but that doesn't mean i cant look out and try and make the game a better place for everyone. then again im not driven by the same toxic mindset that many of you share uncommon with people who ragged on Colin Kaepernick and the football players who kneeled during the national anthem in protest of black inequality. i actually have morals and understanding of how things work. some of you are on a high horse and refuse to lend the newer players a helping hand just to further your own Growth and power.

    one of the reasons why i recently have been working on life skills so i can start making the high level items and handing them out and selling in Cheap on mass. because if it lowers the market price and thus hurts your Income then thats good. finally get to knock you of your pedestals so you realise just how badly you ruined the games market for people. then again i guess intellect isnt very common these days.
  • Repeal the dungeon revamp

    AgentJean wrote: »
    Here's a better solution.

    Restore the dungeons to the way they were before the Revamp then add a Hard mode altar room to all dungeons for people who want to can slog their way through these insane dungeons that don't really justify the slog fest that they are.

    These dungeons are chasing new players away!!!!!!!

    Agenajean. let me make that even better.

    Add in HM alter room to ALL dungeons in the game. including Iria.

    Add in an Abyss varient to all dungeons.

    and a Phantasm to all dungeons.

    all dungeons would have their own exclusive rewards and enemies that only come from their phantasms.

    Nobody asked for this dungeon revamp we got where enemies are just slightly stronger. we end game players just wanted new harder activities within the dungeons.
  • Its Finally Over :D A year long grind is no more.

    its finally done. a year long nightmare of torture and Gold sink. Is now no more. :D

    went from rank 8 last night. to rank 1 in 20 hours.

    and i have to say it.

    THANK YOU NEXON. for releasing the AP training feature. without it i would probably never have finished this. welp now i can move onto weaving and be one of Tarlach's Rank 1 blacksmiths. just need to learn how to really make good items from it.

    Only downside to this. is im Flat out Broke now :(
  • 6 box, 5 cheetahs.

    dra011 wrote: »
    Falcondae wrote: »
    Except that the dyes all expire within 30 days.

    yes i'm aware but you could always offer to dye other peoples stuff for gold that's what happened last time we had this gacha

    TBH i think this is a horrendous idea. the last time this sale came around. people offered to dye peoples clothes for gold but when they got the outfit from the other player they ran off with it. People lost really expensive clothes. im sure this is going to happen again now that this is back.

    i feel if nexon wants to do these in the future. then they should add like a request dye feature. where the item being dyed is put into a window then the dye is put in and the part of the item is selected. the items owner then agrees to a dye then it dyes. boom. people dont get scammed and players who buy these pet/dye packages make a living out of it.