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January 1, 1900
  • How to Solve Inflation, But Not Really

    Literally me right now to Nexon:

  • Gold Lottery?

    Ravagne wrote: »
    Ravagne wrote: »
    Ravagne wrote: »
    There's taxes?
    Yes all Non-vip players pay taxes when they deposit items/money into the bank. Also items 50k+gold from a kiosk/personal have the option for direct pay from bank with tax. Thinking about it more it’s simply unfair cause the vip players don’t pay taxes xD so nvm this was a bad idea.

    Logically, tax is the correct thinking of the gold sink fees, but I consider it profit for the NPCs. Technically speaking, there are no taxes levied by the NPCs of authority in the game.

    Actually, VIP players to pay fees in all transactions with Erskin Bank and AH.
    Please stop replying to my stuff you literally put in nothing to what I’m talking about and just looking to add numbers under your name it seems.

    You have issues.

    I have issues ? You lurk the forums drooling waiting to comment on literally every post just to increase numbers under your name.

    Internet Explorer finally finished loading after 3 months?

  • Winter 2020 Master Plan

    Crimsọn wrote: »
    Why does it feel like the last Master Plan ended not too long ago?

    Because covid. I am not even kidding.

    Not because of that.

    Because Nexon is lazy and too generous i would say. Works in our favor in the end.
  • Winter 2020 Master Plan

    Why does it feel like the last Master Plan ended not too long ago?

    Because it ended literally like a little bit over 2 months ago i think...

    What's the point of taking down and bringing this event back every year at least 2 times? Just make this permanent, game is too dead anyway lol.
  • KartRider Pet Box

    Negumiko wrote: »
    here are the drop rates for this pet box and two others before it if anyone wants to compare them:

    KartRider Pet Box 2020:

    Summer Lovely Pet Box 2020:

    Summer Forest Pet Box 2019:

    the rates for these new cars appear to be quite low.

    You are comparing a gacha with 2 new pets and another gacha with 5 new pets. If you use logic here, the chances that you will end up with a new pet in KartRider gacha is way higher than previous ones. I'm not surprised that some of these car pet rates are decreased because of that since there is 5 of them.

    Also Nexon, it's time to change the filler pets in these pet gachas. This is getting REALLY old. Pretty sure this is at least 3rd pet gacha in a row where i continuously see same pets like Lil Jacks, Cosmic Stallions, Alto and Bone dragon. Like come on, there's a lot more pets you could offer...
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