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January 1, 1900
  • post your best mabinogi meme

  • Jousting Finals

    Helsa wrote: »
    CMKyrios wrote: »
    I've only recently discovered the jousting mini-game, and it's really cool. What kind of rewards would there need to be to incentivize more people to participate in it again?

    Kew, if you are on either Nao or Alexina, friend me and I'll teach you how to play; I have characters on both. I'll start with a few things:
    1) The minimum required number of entrants required for the finals is 8, this needs to be lowered.
    2) Two preliminary wins are required to get a ticket to the finals, like the fashion contest this should be reduced to one.
    3) Like the fashion contest, the jousting champion should get a statue in every town as well. Them rearing on a horse would make a nice dramatic pose.
    4) The traditional reward is a mid-grade lance, you can well imagine how thrilled Elves are about that. <-- sarcasm Perhaps a special lance looking like a jousting lance can be rewarded instead. They look like real lances and are thin little poles. Perhaps this can be a special lance that elves CAN wield, weaker than the physis lance. If this happens then of course Giants will complain that they can't do archery. So maybe opeing the archer skills that both humans and elves can do for atlatl might be just compensation.
    5) When all else fails, reward gold. The amount can easily be tweaked by the dev team.
    6) Some jousting shop items can't be transfered, change that.
    7) Some jousting shop items can't be repaired, change that.
    8) Last but most importantly, put my complete set of guides to jousting on sale in Lileas shop XD

    I'm sure others will have more ideas to follow.

    9) Make Jousting (Fashion Contest and Banquet too? Maybe even Festia's Treasure Hunt?) on a more comfortable time for EU players. These events happen literally around 2-5 AM in Europe.
  • It's about time for another Potion fishing event

    Crims wrote: »
    You know what you guys should do?


    For what? We already can rebirth pretty often, i don't see the point of seeing Nao every day... Unless if i liked to look at her "chest" that everyone treasures for so many years then maybe i would rebirth every day... ;)
    WolfsingerRadiant Dawn
  • Weeb Thread (Anime/Manga Discussion)

    Watched Weathering With You yesterday... What a bizarre ending... Don't know how i feel about it.
  • Question About Name Changes?

    Crims wrote: »
    We need perma name color change potions.

    THIS. Would be even nicer if they put those in event boxes more often instead of these crappy HM/MP/Stamina 50 potions.