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  • Mabinogi Duel

    Because Mabi 2 was an abominable game from the start by deviating from core elements that gave a unique charm to Mabi in the first place.
  • Baltane Knights instant mission cost

    Iyasenu wrote: »
    It's because the price was never changed from KR Mabi.

    For KR, their Pon costs are higher than ours, because their purchases are more pons for the same amount of money.

    For example, 10,000 NX gets us 100 pons (well, 9k actually)
    Over in KR 10,000 NX gets them 12,000 pons.

    As a tradeoff, their pon costs are ~10x higher than ours in most cases.

    So 1 pon per minute is a lot more manageable for their pon system.

    If that were the case, then shouldn't it be up to Nexon NA team to regulate the cost of the instant mission option to a reasonable amount that caters to usual flow of Pons that NA players receive when purchased? If that doesn't work, then why not just change it all to how KR's Pon system is managed entirely?
  • Baltane Knights instant mission cost

    So I considered that instead of waiting the usual 11 hours for a paltry amount of 18 seals, I thought about using the "Instant" option so I could immediately complete the mission much quicker. However, the cost to complete the mission seems quite too hefty for one mission. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it states that i need 629 Pons in order to complete it. Which is roughly an amount of 63 dollars just for one mission which is absolutely outrageous! Could someone please tell me that this may be some sort of typo? I refuse to believe that Nexon would expect their players to pay an insane amount just for one mission that would require you to do it 1000x more for the materials, even by Nexon's own pay to win standards.