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  • Separate Sound Bar for Orchestra/Delay?

    With the new addition of the Arpeggio Concert Hall and the requirement to sit through it to earn the perks/prizes comes a little trivial dilemma. Turning background music on. Don't get me wrong, I love the new additions to the bgm styles (Korean orchestra is amazing) but I personally am not a fan of playing with music. And yes, you can turn it off easily but it's also easy to forget that you even turned it on until you're blasted with sound or you sit there at the hall going "wait why don't I hear anything???".

    So just a small suggestion to give the hall its own music bar, move the sound of the hall to another bar (such as instrument volume), or possibly adding a delay to the background music before and after a concert if you're in the general area so you can switch back (Heck, adding a reminder to turn on bgm before a concert would be great if this is added!).

    It's not a must-have feature but I know me and my mabi-family (and friends I've talked to irl who play) would loooooooove to have this changed so we can enjoy it a bit more.
  • Riding Cows!

    Popping in to say as a cow pet owner myself that I absolutely adore this idea. Cows make great pets (though many would argue that.) They are excellent tanks for when you need to get space between you and an enemy, not to mention are super cute!

    If I could only add onto this suggestion it would be to add that rideable cows could have the jumping option like alpacas. Because what good is a cow that can't jump over the moon figuratively? ;) (And maybe also have a slightly larger inventory than a regular cow given the reasoning that they are meant to carry weight when rideable.)