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  • Reforging tools.

    Fine reforging tools and other variant of reforge should be easier to obtain in game.
    Why ?
    Because no sane person would pay $45+ for a chance to get nothing.

    Also right now is 2020, by today standard mechanic like reforge is considered cancerous and sign of cheap Chinese knock off mmo that people should stay away from.

    Make the game monetization friendlier. You guys need more player and not milking your current player base harder.

    Also who think making tons of reforging tools variant with vague description is a good idea ? That thing is borderline scamming.
  • An Interesting Tale

    Liyeta wrote: »
    Then move on and make your own thread.
    Some people like this kind of thread. Saying mean things just because a thread didn't meet your standard is just mean.

    I didn't actually want to throw him out an airlock. I am not that monstrous!

    I propose feeding him to tigers instead while being stung by dead bees :p

    Dislike isn't tantamount to being mean, and I am arguing on the basis of what should be wanted, for the betterment of community, discussion, and such. My basis for such thought is that the last thing we need is more displays of senseless and incomprehensible immaturity, which may shift the playerbase to attract more such individuals.

    The last thing I wish for the forums is a slew of poorly made troll threads.

    I sense someone will say I am "forcing" my opinions on others. To which yes, but in a way, it is inherent of holding an opinion. If you hold a view, you are by extension acknowledging differing views as being lesser to be had in terms of logic, even if one acknowledges the subjective nature of logic. Especially given the intended universality that we believe our opinions should be shared because they are right, and all that junk of universality or whatnot.

    So in is a topic to be discussed, and likely not here.

    So that we are on the same ground on this, let me use your base value but limit the topic within this thread to express my opinion.

    "basis of what should be wanted, for the betterment of community, discussion, and such."

    Bliss, you are not the representative of the community, you are just a normal member of it.

    You didn't consult the community as a whole. So every post you make in this thread didn't reflect nor represent what the community want.

    This is a sub forum about mabinogi, op is talking about his experience in mabinogi. This does contribute to the growth of mabinogi community though with subjective value. On the other hand calling them fool and talking about their iq is actually going against this value. Constructive criticism do contribute to community growth but unrelated mockery do not. Thats just plain being mean.

    In a healthy discussion you are allowed to have different opinion. This did not make other opinion lesser, just different. Discussion is trade of information, opinion, fact, or point of view. I am allowed to disagree with you but that doesn't mean your opinion is lesser than mine, again, just different.

    If your logic on argument is to prove you are right, then i will stop now since that mean i will never get my point across to you and im wasting my time.

    The goal of my first post is letting greta know that she might miss op intention and her attitude is a bit over the line.

    As for you bliss, im just letting you know you are not in charge in this community, you didn't have the right to say im attacking other for the good of the community. No one ask you to, and you are alienating some part of the community. Please stop.

    If the community didn't like the thread, they will just let the thread die. You don't need to step up and start mocking other people. That's called being mean.

    Me: bliss you are being mean
    Bliss: no im not
    Me: yes you are.
  • That moment when realizing guild war new content..

    It is called giving guilds a purpose and goal to work on.

    Maybe if a large guild win dunbarton, there would be more hell hound skull, song sturdust, and other rare drop from math music dungeon circulating the market.

  • An Interesting Tale

    Greta wrote: »
    Liyeta wrote: »
    Greta wrote: »
    No one cares. Because we are scumbags.
    Greta, chill.

    I'll chill when such posts will get removed and user gets warned, but i guess saying edgy and tell a person to eat snickers is way more worse than calling a whole community scumbags. Mabinogi Forums in a nutshell indeed.

    So you want an interesting tale. Okay. Here it goes...
    Last Sunday i freaked out when i was logging into Mabinogi. My loading screen text for some reason said "VIP member, -username-, is entering the world." I got sooo confused, checked if i have VIP or something, but nope. So weird... :o Anyone got this to happen before? :D

    Again greta, take a deep breath… calm down.i know you love handling things on your own passive aggresively. But i don't think you need to do so in this thread.

    You see, this will sound really weird but there is a time where calling people scumbag does not mean he is insulting anybody.
    This is one of those time.

    Then again, If you don't like it, report the thread then move on. Let the mod decide.

  • An Interesting Tale

    Greta wrote: »
    No one cares. Because we are scumbags.
    Greta, chill.