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  • An Interesting Tale

    Then move on and make your own thread.
    Some people like this kind of thread. Saying mean things just because a thread didn't meet your standard is just mean.
  • Thoughts On G21? (Content And Story)

    … nvm.
    ImaizumiRadiant DawnJazmynBlissfulkill
  • Toogle for minimize performance in raid

    Please add check box for "minimize performance only in raid" at the option menu.

    Im tired of seeing would you like to minimize performance in every single raid. If im doing morning and evening bd+wd raid in every channel, that would be 24 time seeing that notification box each day regardless of me pressing yes the first time it pop up or not. Plus the setting didn't return after the dragon is killed.

    Thats just a bad design. Please change this.
  • New KR update to help newbies

    Oh, i remember mobile game that did this. They buff up the leveling pace then remove the bonus after certain level hoping that new player will catch up with the vet.

    But nope, what they get is salty vets and unimpressed newbie that think the game is too easy. They usually leave after all the gift showering end and give a bad review saying things like "great game but its a grind after level 5k".

    Yea its a really popular tactics for trashy p2w mobile game. Whats next ? Auto pathing and auto questing ?

    If the dev really care for the player they should refine the social experience and make sure leveling+skill training are paced properly so playing the game feels enjoyable.
  • Add Materials Option

    You will learn not to expect anything from mabi team.
    courtneyyTHICCthighssavelivesImaizumiRadiant Dawn