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  • What item would prefer in-game vs gachapon?

    pawcalypse wrote: »
    Redetsu wrote: »
    Tailoring patterns and Blacksmith manuals. I only know of some unobtainable patterns from my cousin, who had a sewing pattern to make the Archeress School Uniform, the outfit Mari wears. It would be nice if you could purchase those rare patterns normally.
    Raishii wrote: »
    Full restores and fire erg crystals.

    I wish there were some clothing from Outfit Boxes and the gachas had their own sewing patterns and manuals too. Full restore should be concocted in the game.

    Oh man I REALLY second this motion. There are a ton of outfits that are no longer possible to create because the patterns/manuals were gacha only...from an old, no longer released gacha. And the outfits themselves are so old, there's no guarantee that all the servers have a copy running around anymore.

    I like new things, really I do, and I understand everyone else's penchant for new things too. But..I guess it just bothers me a bit that we are permanently cut off from certain items. I understand why the copyrighted SAO and FATE stuff needs to be limited edition, but there really is no reason why Mari's outfit has to be the same.

    Oh, speaking of Mari's outfit, I gave my guildie friend the pattern as a Christmas present, and she made me the outfit ^.^
    It would be nice if the patterns weren't lost to gachas that haven't been around for years >.>
  • Tir's Gated Fence.

    Here's a screenshot of the Tir rebirth area showing that road that was mentioned. I couldn't get a better angle and you can't fly here.
  • What are everyone's thoughts on this?

    Greta wrote: »
    I still prefer old Mabinogi than that phone crap. Graphics look weird, style as well. And come on, this is 2017, who still kill bears with 4 people???

    People who get killed by foxes?

    I wonder how difficult it is is now to get that title?
  • I don't want to be an Altruist anymore...

    Oh, I was wondering why you were glowing so much.
    Now I know, thank you ^.^
  • Where did these gacha enchants go????

    I guess I should still try selling the 67th Floor's enchant before those ever come out ^.^;;
    [Deleted User]