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  • Where did these gacha enchants go????

    It's ok, my big sis had the enchant since the SAO event started, and we both don't use Lances nor really care about hitting high numbers of damage ^.^;;

    It's fine, I been knowing about the enchants in KR mabi awhile before it was posted on the forums. I just didn't mind as much since I sold the 56th Floor's enchant a few weeks ago. I also don't really buy many things, and the Celtic Staff and wand are cheaper to repair than the normal wands and staves, so I'm actually fine if I sell this or not. ^.^;;
    [Deleted User]
  • Where did these gacha enchants go????

    Hardmuscle wrote: »
    Where did you get that information?

    I'm guessing they saw a thread on the forums talking about the gacha that KR Mabi got. ^.^;;
    [Deleted User]
  • The Healing Dan Test is so Adorable

    Finally was able to get SS rank for Healing dan 3, with only 4 seconds remaining too ^.^;;
    The only way I was even able to get enough points was to not use the Tikka healing wand given to you, since you heal more using it.
    Healing less means you can heal more times for points.
  • Advancement Test Tips and Tricks

    Potion Making: This was the most panic inducing advancement test minigame I've ever seen. o.o;;

    Concept: Make potions for the NPCs in need, and give it to them when needed to gain points. If you need more herbs or materials, you can talk to the tester npc and purchase more. Points are earned if and only if the correct potion is given to the NPC and it heals them for that said amount. (If the NPC has 450/500 HP and you give an HP 100 potion, then you don't get points)

    First things first, go to the tester npc and buy water bottles. >.<;;
    You start with 20 of each herb, including garbage, mandrake, white, and poison. Drop them, they are not needed for dan 1.
    Make each 100 HP/SP/MP potion with the base potions included at the beginning, but not one at a time, no time to queue, make in bulk. Trust me..
    Antidote potions could wait till around halfway, but it's okay to make them early when it's not hectic.

    Okay now the actual test. ^.^;;

    Starts off with one NPC and another spawns over time.
    First Npc is simple, Adventure Guy I think is the name. His HP drains the entire time, and walks around.
    Second NPC is Hyper Girl, the little girl in blue with the hummingbird wings that runs around the tree in Festia. Her MP drains and she runs around.
    Third NPC, I think is named Fatique guy? His SP drains and slowly walks around.

    Okay so that's the easy part...This isn't in any order since I was running around for most of it and wasn't looking at the names. ;;>.>

    A girl in a orange tiger robe that also has HP draining and moves around a bit.
    A giant who barely moves and talk about his stomach. (This is were the antidote is used)
    A blue hair girl student that has MP draining.

    So, there's 6 NPCs moving around in the testing area that you have to give potions to while something of them is draining for 5 minutes.

    Now, when I say "give", I don't mean click on them and a dialogue comes up that asks if you want to give them a potion...
    You have to open inventory, take the potion, and click them with it, just like when you give stationary NPCs the likeability potions, except they're you can drop the potion or get the "You're not close to target" message. >.<;;

    So what happens when an NPC is completely drained?
    They faint, preventing you from giving them anymore potions for the rest of the test, and a point penalty.
    And that's why it's panic inducing ^.^;;

    Whew, such a long post, but I tried my best to explain.
    [Deleted User]RaintheswordSherri
  • The Healing Dan Test is so Adorable

    Sorry I logged in by accident to reply >.<;;
    Iyasenu wrote: »
    As an aside
    @Oria did you manage to pass that final test?
    If the chick can't beat the bear, then how do you get the bonus points for a speedy clear? :C

    It's RNG based, since you want them to attack one another, but at times the Gutsy Chick will just walk around or defend and the Red Bear will walk around defending, stand still and counter, or eve load smash run at the Gutsy Chick then just load counter. >.<;;
    I had to try three times today, but at least the Gutsy Chick was able to defeat the Red Bear with 30 seconds left, which gave I think a 3000 point time bonus to pass with S rank. ^.^

    Oh, forgot to mention during the tests the Brave Dog, Little Red Hen with a Big heart, and Gutsy Chick start off dealing little damage, but as the battle goes on, messages will pop up talking about how the Brave Dog is gaining confidence, or Red Hen is burning with confidence, or "The Chick remembers a time when it first tasted a sunflower seed" (I forgot the entire message for that part ;;>.>) They then have the appearance of the Berserk effect but not the heavy stander, but they do become a little stronger every time the message pops up.