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Nothing says stressing out about a merge like having an ongoing-thread "about merges" for the past 12 years.


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  • It was long

    AMazingly, that was the first thing I said to both Gaea and Greta --
    After I posted (and removed) the popcorn.gif (the one greta always posts; at that point she deserved it).
  • It was long

    You made a fool of yourself, and the troll who sent you. ~ You weren't expecting people to have seen the post I was talking about, not to mention the cache records on Google. ~ Deleted isn't gone forever. ~ I shat on William and it was deleted. I got a warning for it. ~ He mistook what I said in this thread as a claim of power bestowed on himself (that's how stuck up his nose his ego is). ~ -- .. Have a nice day .. ~ Troll.
  • It was long

    @Promestein ~ What exactly did I do to you?

    Do you even know why you're mad at me?

    I bet you don't.

    You're a troll.
  • It was long

    If passing out permanent scars on the oldest accounts in the game for stupid things, such as telling people there are better ways to deal with troll-gms, is your plan to increase revenue and population on Mabinogi, I wish you loads of luck. I entered the discussion arena after two trolls were trolled by a troll. I was not the beginning nor will I be the end of this fiasco. -- It was nice knowing all of you the past 12 years.
  • It was long

    I have a live archive of the entire thread. It's included in the report sent to the company page. A lot of people spent too much time reading things out of context (deleted posts cause this). What was said to William was misquoted and applied to everyone, by Sherri. -- Like I said. -- I was talking to William.

    and this thread was not made to you. - i dont have to answer to you at all. -- I'll just report your posts for what they are. Spam.