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  • Eiren Wings: white fog toggle/fog-less release

    Hardmuscle wrote: »
    For now ... ~ In the game options... *check Mini-Effects.. (not saying that's a cure all .. just saying it's there).

    yeah, that is true. I found that as well. But sadly it also removes the other effects from things I do want to see :< but still nice to know however.
  • Eiren Wings: white fog toggle/fog-less release

    Hey everyones.

    I'd like to say I absolutely adore the new Eiren wings! It's been a long time since we've had something close to the Incubus wings, since previous wings were mostly out of feathers and such. Especially that you can dye these! However what I'm kind of sad about is that the wings have some kind of white fog emitting from them... Most of my friends feel the same that way; the fog is kind of making the wings lose its 'presence' as the fog clogs up and feels like it's just in the way or too present.
    Of course I'm sure there's people out there who do like it, so maybe entirely removing it isn't that great but as far as I've asked feedback, they all preferred and wished it was released without the white fog.

    Would it perhaps be possible if you could toggle the fog on and off?
    Release separate Eiren wings which some have fog, and some don't. (Like some ear-head bands wiggle, some don't.)
    Or perhaps the fog could be emitting a lot less?
    ...Or even dye the fog itself so the 'white standard fog' doesn't cover up some of the colors so much.

    I'm just really sad that we finally have 'incubus' looking wings again with multiple color patterns, but the fog is just covering it up too much. I'm feeling that the wings would be a LOT popular if it didn't have the fog, or a lot less fog at least.
    Of course I'd like to hear feedback too.

    Don't have to credit this idea as I'm not the only one who's thinking of this.
  • EU Lag issues with Dan test

    Hardmuscle wrote: »
    I'm not in Europe ... but ... have you disabled Nagle's Algorithm?

    ~ Wikipedia: "This algorithm interacts badly with TCP delayed acknowledgments, a feature introduced into TCP at roughly the same time in the early 1980s, but by a different group. With both algorithms enabled, applications that do two successive writes to a TCP connection, followed by a read that will not be fulfilled until after the data from the second write has reached the destination, experience a constant delay of up to 500 milliseconds, the "ACK delay" (kill it, kill it with fire). For this reason, TCP implementations usually provide applications with an interface to disable the Nagle algorithm." ~ Mabinogi does not disable this (like most modern online games do); we have to do it manually or live with it.
    If you're comfortable using regedit; instructions are here:

    Yeah, I definitely did before. Thanks for mentioning though.