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  • Please merge Alexina and Nao Mk XIII

    The last time anything was mentioned, about this, was more than 30 days ago. So, I'm creating a new thread, as per site policy, because we wouldn't want the powers that be to think that this issue has gone away now would we.

    Please merge Alexina and Nao.

    Helsa0151 of Alexina
  • Buying VIP/Premium guide.

    For the last five or six years running, there has been a 50% off VIP/Premium "Black Friday" sale. If you are planning to buy a year's worth it's the best time to do so. The service is offered in 90-day, 30-day, and 1-day lots. If you are buying for the first time then buy 4 90-day lots AND 1 30-day lot. This way you will not receive any interruption of service should you only buy 360 days of a 365-day year. For the next 5 or 6 years you then only buy 4 90-day lots. Around the 5 or 6-year mark, pay attention to your expiry date to avoid service interruption. If one may result then you buy the additional 30-day lot again, and the process starts all over again.
  • Colorable Eyelashes

    Crimsọn wrote: »
    Helsa wrote: »
    Maybe they could have some kind of "Bring Back the 80's" event and introduce them during that!

    I just wish I could tint mine top match my hair colors.

    <puts_on_Blissfulkill_hat>Kind of a drapes match the carpet thing?</puts_on_Blissfulkill_hat>
  • OMG I just had an epiphany!!!

    FawayK wrote: »
    You guys are all funny Cx

    Welcome to the forums. As it's your first post, here, lemme give you a like.
  • Jousting Finals

    2021 Oct 24
    Alexina had 9-1 and its' final can be found here, while Nao had 8-2 and its' final can be found here.