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  • Jousting Finals

    2024 Mar 3

    The final had 15 and it's YouTube playlist is below.

    @Elebon won their second championship versus the top ranked Magic Spear jouster on the NA install, so good for them!

  • Food and hunger

    At first thought making the need to address hunger more realistically important seems interesting but there are a couple problems with it:
    - If you die of hunger, you just respawn, making a new hunger system not only annoying but pointless.
    - It will make the game more tedious. A more tedious game will make people leave.

    I do agree that the food mechanic, presently, is and can be ignored and something should be done to change that. I think though the answer is, pardon the pun, the carrot and not the stick. Rather than punishing for not eating boost the rewards for doing so; it's obvious that the present rewards for eating isn't worth it.

    I'm a giantesse and I like being a sticc rather than thicc. Do you know how hard it is for a giantesse to keep a slim figure! Make it worthwhile enough for me to bother, don't force me.
  • Guild Revamp (We NEED Guilds to be worthwhile)

  • You know how Nexon said they'll trim the fat.

    Remember how last summer Nexon said they will be trimming the fat in the code. I figured this means the Elf/Giant alliance system. I just had another thought, maybe, they'll be removing or altering the house rental system.

    Anyone else got any guesses?
  • Update our VIP - Update!

    Crimsọn wrote: »
    Helsa wrote: »
    I actually stopped bothering with my daily prizes and I have 20 characters on my main account. I mean, who buys feathers anymore? I've been saying for a long time that they should add in the extra slot service and the homestead mining permit. But like Crimsky-Korsakọv says, it doesn't seem as advantageous as it used to be, particularly since founding a guild is free now.

    Exactly, when they made VIP not necessary to have a guild anymore that became one less reason to buy VIP. But for some reason I still bought a whole year and I'm just hoping they FINALLY update VIP with some new stuff.

    I'd otherwise be happy to do my part and keep buying, but I don't want to shop online, because I don't trust myself once that Rubicon is crossed, and the brick-and-mortar stores, near me, don't have the alternative available in any predictable or regular way.