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The pen may be mighier than the sword but the shovel is mightier than the pen.
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I like Italian food.
  • Autumn Night Camping

    Musicat wrote: »
    Helsa wrote: »
    I've got about a half-dozen pairs of them in different colours.
    Who might have thought that Aunt Helsa was that much of a fashionable hoarder.
    Which once again proves that The Meow doesn't know her well enough.

    My Nao character is not my main, so I've not invested in their wardrobe. As for my main on Alexina, what can I say, girls like shoes komrad kat.
  • Repair items/consumables for Silk Weaving Gloves.

    Honestly, why can't silk weaving gloves just be repairable. Fashionogi's only care about event and gacha clothes anyway. There isn't all that high a demand for craftable clothes.
  • Jousting Finals

    2021 Oct 31
    Alexina had 8-1 and its' final can be found here, while Nao had 7, so no finals there, this time.
  • Unofficial Official Minecraft Thread

    Sherri wrote: »
    Well at least it's better! I'm kinda bummed that we gotta wait longer for the Deep Dark biome or whatever it was called, the one with the Warden in it.. it gives me horror game vibes and I'm excited to run around for dear life down there.

    ...oh and would you look at that, they did it again LOL

    Version 19 is adding the Mangrove Swamp with all the fixin's. You may recall a few years back that the Mangrove Swamp lost in a biome vote. But if you look at the votes from both biome votes, of the biomes that didn't win, the mangrove swamp got the most votes. Next, just slightly behind, was Savannah, so I predict savannah will be added to Version 20. The last two: desert and badlands together had about as many votes as each of the other two, so I'm guessing they'll be added in either version 20 or 21.
  • Iria Dungeon reset schedule?

    It's possible but you have to be focused because:
    1) only one person can discover
    2) the person that does can be on another channel

    In my case I was just lucky. I wasn't even trying but I happened to notice the dungeon wasn't on the map, and so I looked for it and found it. I don't know how random the locations are; whether it is a small fixed set of locations or not. If so, learn it, either park in a particular spot and wait for lady luck to shine upon you or park in the middle then run like hail.