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  • Will Unreal Engine Reset Game?

    Niought wrote: »
    Amaraz wrote: »

    I'm very excited to see that change. I have been avoiding tailcoats and long hair for years because I hated the clipping lol. Some outfits will probably look different when they don't make our shoulders dislocate as well. I'm hoping they add physics to all outfits. Seeing old dresses actually flow, old capes flow, ect, would be awesome. I used to wear Odran's Outfit all the time but was bummed that the cape didn't move.

    I'm imagine they will have physics!! I'm excited to see that

    If the extra physics is handled by the client then fine. If it's handled by the server then extra lag.
  • BEYOND Update & Patch Notes

    An0nym0us wrote: »
    How do I delete a comment I made?

    You can't but you can edit the post (gear in the top right of it), remove what you said, replace it with, say, "Please delete", and make it the staff's problem.
  • Welcome Back...Pan

    Crimsọn wrote: »
    Helsa wrote: »
    Crimsọn wrote: »
    Don't worry Pan has been reformed. They good Pan now.

    They're still banned dear. Did I ever introduce you to them in-game?

    Dim right? Also a response might take a couple days.

    Oh, right at the jousting arena. Was that the first Magic Spear finals? Wait, let me check my database .... .... .... .... you're not in there; I guess it was like a Thursday night preliminaries tournament.
  • Welcome Back...Pan

    Crimsọn wrote: »
    Don't worry Pan has been reformed. They good Pan now.

    They're still banned dear. Did I ever introduce you to them in-game?
  • Move jousting schedule earlier by one day.

    Although the change of moving the finals earlier by six hours has been great, and I applaud that because we see a lot more folks from Europe and the Mediterranean regions attending, it did make things worse for others. Shifting the entire schedule earlier by one day would likely see a return of some number of those jousting fans that feel that no longer can they attend. By shifting the finals to the same time but on Saturday (server date), does not effect the folks already making use of it but it has the following benefits:

    1) Folks in Eastern Asia and Australia who used to be able to get up near breakfast time Monday morning for the finals now have them in the middle of the night before a work day. Moving the finals to Saturday means that they can sleep in Sunday and not miss work or school.

    Some countries have their weekend as Friday/Saturday but the time-of-day for those countries is now much more reasonable for them to attend on what is, now, a weekday anyway, so changing the finals to Saturday makes no difference for them.

    2) Some folks , in America who still observe the custom of attending church for example, have a time conflict, and we do have several who now can't attend because of that. It is possible that moving the time to Saturday will make attending challenging for some that are already doing so, but the net result should be on the positive side as, indeed, moving the finals time earlier by six hours was.

    Please change the day-of-the-week for the jousting finals to the same time, it is now, but on Saturday, and not Sunday, by shifting the jousting week earlier by one day.