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  • Move jousting schedule earlier by one day.

    Although the change of moving the finals earlier by six hours has been great, and I applaud that because we see a lot more folks from Europe and the Mediterranean regions attending, it did make things worse for others. Shifting the entire schedule earlier by one day would likely see a return of some number of those jousting fans that feel that no longer can they attend. By shifting the finals to the same time but on Saturday (server date), does not effect the folks already making use of it but it has the following benefits:

    1) Folks in Eastern Asia and Australia who used to be able to get up near breakfast time Monday morning for the finals now have them in the middle of the night before a work day. Moving the finals to Saturday means that they can sleep in Sunday and not miss work or school.

    Some countries have their weekend as Friday/Saturday but the time-of-day for those countries is now much more reasonable for them to attend on what is, now, a weekday anyway, so changing the finals to Saturday makes no difference for them.

    2) Some folks , in America who still observe the custom of attending church for example, have a time conflict, and we do have several who now can't attend because of that. It is possible that moving the time to Saturday will make attending challenging for some that are already doing so, but the net result should be on the positive side as, indeed, moving the finals time earlier by six hours was.

    Please change the day-of-the-week for the jousting finals to the same time, it is now, but on Saturday, and not Sunday, by shifting the jousting week earlier by one day.
  • Need this answered

    kennie363 wrote: »
    Question: I started Mabi in 2008 and stopped playing around 2016 (though I fell behind greatly in content starting in 2015) I've done g1 up to g18. Upon logging in for the first time in 2023, when I entered Tir Chonaill it treated me as if I was a new player or entering it for the first time? i.e it gave me a cutscene of Tir and none of the NPCS know me at all, their dialogue is as if they've met me for the first time. Is there any reason for this like an update I don't know about or just something I'm missing? I'm very clueless. I also have a lot of beginner tutorial questes for different skills and talents I've already dabbled in what's that about? example: Basics of the Holy Arts.

    Remember, back-in-the-day, you were considered a beginner until total level 30? Well, now it's up to 10,000 ... uh ... m'yeah. So, anyway, I'm gonna go-out-on-a-limb and guess that you are under that. The game thinks you're a newb, so you're getting newbish cut-scenes.
  • im new and lost

    Go to the Mabinogi home page and log in. The log in credentials are the same as what you use to activate the game launcher. You have to log in to the website even if you have Mabinogi or the launcher running. Once logged in go to support; you can submit a ticket to tech support. I haven't used support in a while. As I recall, they use email. Have fun.
  • Erinn Summer Fair 2023!

    Crimsọn wrote: »
    Helsa wrote: »
    Helsa wrote: »
    The Summer Fair, the multi-event community sponsored event that began years ago on ye olde Tarlach server, is alive and well on the Erinn server, after having been inherited via the Nao server. One of it's events, held this last Friday on July 28, was a single-elimination jousting tournament. There were twenty entrants, eight of which were placed in a wild card round, to make the "first round" a round-of-16. Honestly, it felt like kinda the NHL, but I digress.

    Our forum matriarch @Crimsọn participated and so did I; even our favorite forum troll @Pan made it out. I used my human character from Nao while my Alexina character did the recordings; I have two computers. How'd ole Crimsy do? Well ... let's just say I avenged them and leave it at that.

    All the action can be found here.

    I will never forgive you for this.

    Oh, I'm so sorry Crimsy; I appologise. I had always assumed you were a woman and not a slightly chubby manky bearded "inexperienced" guy.
  • LF: guild to join

    kitgurl669 wrote: »
    I'm looking for a guild to join. If there are any guilds looking for new members, just send me a reply here or in-game. My In-game name is Mitsumi88

    This is in the wrong forum, it should be in 'Guild and Party Recruitment'. If you edit your first post by clicking the gear icon, by it, you can operate the forum location drop-down to move it there.