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  • Make ALL Age Potions Available in Cash Shop!

    Crimsọn wrote: »
    They can still be special for events because then can get them for free. But I want the appearance and height of being age 19 all the time, not just once in a while during random events. I would actually PAY for that.

    Also I want UNISEX Height-Boosting Insoles.

    I forget, doesn't Tiro sell age potions in-game?
  • Idea for the forums.

    Occasionally, in the forums, you will see the originators of threads calling for their deletion. So, the creators usually rename the thread to "please delete" or some such thing. Then it has to wait until one of the forum staff with the ability to delete threads, finds it and then does so.

    Since thread creators, by editing their initial post, can move their thread to another forum, what if a forum called, say, "Trash" was created. It would have "add to thread" and "create thread" off for common members. This would make such threads quicker to process.
  • Why nobody uses these forums (any more...)

  • Do something about alt-abuse

    Nexon will not limit any real life person to one account only, for two reasons:
    1. they can't without drastically & adversely effecting innocent people, including some with only one account.
    2. them allowing multiple accounts, for over a decade, then taking them away is unjust & unfair (and they know it) and so will cause a lot more than just the people the complainers hate to quit.

    If some folks are bored with Mabinogi and just want to burn it to the ground then they can go
    away and be by

    If you want to bring an end to botting then report the bots but don't do it publicly. The botters are diligent, so if botting bothers you then you have to be diligent as well. Remember, there's more people that don't like botting than there are botters. Totally, they can be defeated but the folks concerned have to get off their duffs and keep reporting the bots rather than just beaching and getting into fights on social media. It takes time to build up a character to be independent of manual input and, yet, to be strong enough to run worthwhile content; it takes seconds to report them. Just keep at it.
  • Let elves duel wield/use 2h weapons

    We can let all races duel wield and yet preserve the idea that giants are stronger than humans are stronger than elves.

    Let Elves duel-wield all tools only. They are all classified as axe, blade, and blunt already and have combat upgrades that no ever uses. Some tools are two-handed. I'd say let them count because other wise the combat upgrades on them are pointless.

    Let Humans duel-wield anything an elf can plus any one-handed weapons; axe, blade, or blunt.

    Let Giants duel-wield anything a human can plus any two-handed weapon that they can already wield one-handed.

    Let everyone mixed implements instead of having two exactly the same ones: so mace with gladius, for example.