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  • Big content creators.

    I can tell you're upset but I find what you wrote hard to follow. Maybe, it's because I'm stupid but I'm not the only dummy here. So, I'll go through it bit-by-bit, tell you what I think you're trying to say and comment, if I have anything to say.

    Fizzlepop wrote: »
    I do not think that mabi should use big developers to advertise this game and this is why. I do not believe that bigger content creators that are so well Spoiled in finely polished games and better graphics and easy mechanics should not be streaming Mabi to 100+ people AND paid by Mabi to do so(correct me if I am wrong).

    Nexon should not use content creators, from within the gaming community, to promote Mabinogi because many of these content creators actually know very little about the finer points of the game. Since they are only familiar with more modern games, that have addressed issues that may still exist in older games, like Mabinogi, they are spoiled and lack the patience to properly represent what is good about Mabinogi. As a result they will not be disseminating useful information, or worse, will be disseminating potentially false or misleading information. Furthermore, rewarding them for this kind of disservice is wrong.

    Any content creator, under contract to Nexon, that is producing questionable content should be referred to Nexon, as you are trying to do here, with a full and clear explanation as to what the issue is. Such complaints should identify the problematic creator and the problematic content and why it is a problem but should, when specific, NOT be done publicly. So here, while the message is public no specific creator has been identified; no harm no foul, but if Nexon is to take any meaningful action, to address the issues you have, you will have to contact Nexon through private channels with the details of the content creator, their content, and why it is problematic.

    Regarding the compensation these content creators receive, this is fully justifiable as the content creators, via their contract with Nexon, fully surrender the content they create to Nexon; they don't own it and so cannot receive compensation from, say, YouTube for it. So, under these conditions, Nexon paying them for their efforts is necessary in order for their contract to be valid; a contract must have an exchange to exist.

    Fizzlepop wrote: »
    The reason for my thinking is this, you have someone who has 0 real interest in the game and will pick out 300 different flaws of a really old game because it does not compare to their 2019+ games and tell that to 100+ people so their followers will blindly follow without trying out the game for them self and mark this game as a "Poop or Dead game". The learning curve for mabi Dare I say it, IS WAY TO LARGE FOR MODERN DAY POINT CLICK STREAMERS.

    This part, I think, is clear enough for readers to understand.

    These are generalizations. To be sure, they may be completely true to some extent but not universally. Again, where true they will be doing Mabinogi a disservice so alerting Nexon to the issues should be done as outlined earlier.

    Fizzlepop wrote: »
    I want to confidently say if mabi REALLY wants to see this game thrive again with numbers STOP Focusing on Numbers and start helping small-time streamers WHO LOVE this game for what it is and all your soul streamers need to be re-evaluated. OH and release x64 bit and stop making Afk events, make people actually play the game.

    This section is also clear enough, I think, and does not contain anything that I feel compelled to comment about at this time.

  • Ideas to make Transforming non-obsolete

    Cho wrote: »

    You should also be able to use Crisis Escape during transformation. There might be some difficulty on the developers' end about having your character transform into something while transformed but the aggro drop is too valuable.


    I was not aware of that since I never use transformation. What about Play Dead, Hide, Shadow Cloak, Lullaby, Rain Casting, and Sand Burst? Anyway, this would be NOTHING to fix because I suspect it TAKES code to deny it to transformed characters, so just remove that and BINGO!
  • What-if: ToS change for multiple accounts in NA?

    Every install of Mabinogi is always whatever number of "servers" they have plus one. Meaning that after the merge last spring, we weren't down to one "server" but two: Erinn and Test (or whateverthehellitscalled). I learned from a previous GM that the test "server" has less channels than the public "server"; probably one for each channel specific event, and that's it. Since the test "server" at most will have a handful of people logged into it, each of it's channels could probably be run by a desktop PC, rather than a commercial server, so the test "server" is probably in the Nexon offices in LA, rather than in Oregon.
  • Jousting Finals

    Wolfsinger wrote: »
    Helsa wrote: »
    Wolfsinger wrote: »
    Last week they did the exact same thing. In both cases they lost the farm.

    As a Harvest Moon player, this is concerning on multiple levels XD
    Is a good reminder though that I need to do some studying again tho. Gotta repair this building.

    Well, at least you're reading it. So, many folks you're facing are just jousting on their gut and the only thing that's saving them is that, most of the time, their opponent is also jousting on their gut. My dad tells me that in the '80's there was an expression: "Friends don't let friends joust on their gut"; words as true today as they were then.

    Gut only takes you so far, yeah. It can work, but I like having a gameplan to work off of where I'm allowed - and while there is luck here, its interesting finding how its really only a small part of the battle, unlike r-p-s. So, I read, and do my best to learn. I'll get there eventually lol

    I have found that the jousting mini-game, because it is so very simple, is actually a very good medium for learning the basic fundamental tenets of competition itself which, if you can sus out the analogies to whatever it is that you are presently considering, can be applied to other forms of competition. For example, in jousting you learn the three phases of learning the game:
    (1) learn all the rules,
    (2) learn the strategies and tactics, and
    (3) learn the opponents.
    Well, isn't this exactly the same for any other kind of competition?

    In your situation, the best ways to learn the strategy and tactics are:
    (1) like in chess, read the literature, since so many, probably, better players have already thought about what you may be thinking about or, at least, have for a lot longer,
    (2) in jousting itself, I cannot emphasize strongly enough to learn all the damages. This will allow you to have matches "on paper" so you can work things out. Trial and error, that's the heart of design, evolution, and AI neural networks; use it.

    Learning the opponents isn't just looking for their patterns but how they handle risk under a variety of circumstances. From jousting I learned the value of reputation. I think Napoleon himself said that a good reputation is worth a division, or something like that. When you break this idea down to brass tacks, what it means is that if you have a fearsome reputation then your opponents will either be too cautious or too reckless against you; jousting taught me this. Our present first ranked jouster, on Erinn, was the runaway winner of the Alexina rankings. They're very good, to be sure, but many play just as well. The difference, I think, has been their reputation.
  • A dayout


    Strossvaron here, Just taking a break from hauling commerce goods across the world to enjoy a dayout at a concert hosted by Miserable, Vincennes, Skylanyte (Song Composer)and Nymphalii. I look forward the their next event but back to work for me, those commerce goods won't haul themselves across iria's deserts, snowfields and forests.

    I was there; it was fun! I normally don't wear headphones when I play Mab because I get ear aches after a while; I mean, come on, how can I NOT play on 11; am I right? So at first I couldn't hear the bass. When I put on headphones it sounded MUCH better. That made me realize: I mix my tunes while NOT wearing head phones, so folks hearing my mixes will have, perhaps, overly strong bass in them.

    Anyway, just as a heads-up, this is in the wrong forum and belongs in 'General Chat'. If you click on the little gear icon on the top left of the first post you can edit it. One of the editable fields is the forum it is located in. There you can switch it to 'General Chat'.

    Thanks for the post; good time had by all!