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  • Fishing Revamp

    Negumiko wrote: »
    Iria Commerce was just a dream at one point. Just some crazy idea a few players had here years ago but it finally happened. If any update proves Nexon can make dreams come true it is definitely that one. Maybe if we keep bothering them about fishing for a few years they will consider giving it a update. All we can do is hope but I have no intention of letting this topic go until fishing is added to Port Connous and Port Sella. The biggest thing I see when I look at the two new Ports is "what a waste of potential." It really does feel like they put a lot of work into making the new Ports look beautiful but they just feel unfinished. Nexon could of easily added more at these new Ports to encourage players to have a reason to go there and stay there like commerce buffs/benefits and fishing trips.

    And don't forget my Bus Pet idea; that only took a few months XD

    The three recently activated ports really need to be made into proper towns, right now they're just glorified docks in the middle of nowhere.
    Negumiko wrote: »
    Maybe a fish gutting skill could be kind of cool so we can get certain drops from them.

    With any luck, at some time in the near future, someone somewhere may rejoice "Woo Hoo! Dan 3 in Fish Gutting!"
  • Fishing Revamp

    Negumiko wrote: »
    DDSN wrote: »
    More aquatic based recipes! More unique and useful items/equipment!

    Aquatic based recipes would be more of a cooking related thing much like bait crafting likely would be as well but I fully support the idea. Maybe things like fish traps, lures, and new fishing rods could be crafted using handicraft skill. If new fish are added we will certainly need more new seafood recipes. There are certainly tons of new crafting possibilities if they update fishing.

    You know, thanks to this thread, there are the makings of an idea that could, at least, be a chunk of an update. I think Nexon does pay attention to ideas expressed here because, first, they're paying for it and, second, although MabiNA is the smallest install in the world it is the most diverse since it is basically MabiWorldExcept(KR+JP+TW+CN).

    Anyway back to idea generation. Remember fishing is in two parts: the AFK version and the mini-game version. Does anyone really bother with the Mini-game version? No! Why? It's to friggen hard! So, if kit/enchants/reforges/whatever could make that easier that would be good. In Mincraft mobs have two loot tables: the stuff they drop if they happen to die and the stuff they drop if you specifically kill them. If you specifically kill them the loot is better. If they did the same with the mini-game that might be good.
  • Fishing Revamp

    Due to limitations in the game interface, maybe the two accessory slots can be used to hold items that alter the fishing tables, the way some fishing rods do. In real fishing you have sinkers and floaters, which not only describe different types of doo-doo but also items that you can attach to your hook to attract surface or bottom feeding fish. In other words more "kit" for fishing would be kew.

    Helsa0151+Alexina of Erinn
  • Fishing Revamp

    Make bait a cooking recipe.

    Helsa0151+Alexina of Erinn
  • Guild Revamp (We NEED Guilds to be worthwhile)

    President Kennedy said: "Ask not what your guild can do for you, ask what you can do for your guild." I might be paraphrasing there, but anyway, the biggest problem with guilds is that most folks join them to "get" from them few join to "give". In one form or another this contributes to why the guilds that fail, fail. So, ideas that encourage altruism within guilds would make a big difference I think. Sure, one can say "but people can just decide to do so". Some do, most don't. If they can get help to do so, tha'd probably be good.