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  • [POSTPONED] Scheduled DST Maintenance - March 10

    guess that means Ferghus didn't get that extra hour he was planning on......he's gonna be doing a rush job now which might compromise his 'perfect'
  • [COMPLETED] Scheduled Maintenance - March 7th

    event i would love to see come back is the Iria Treasure Hunt .....not the silly one with the keys (hate that one)....i'm talking about where we go around Iria with our L-Rods finding all sorts of loot (along with some critters to fight)

    another cool one is the slaughterfest with massive hoards of zombies attacking the fort in Muyu Desert ....that was a blast for folks at all levels.....maybe would make a good shadow mission with multiple difficulties since some folks are uber-level with OP skill sets
  • Windowed Mode help

    i run in Window Mode all the time (also integrated graphics), but i drag the corners of the window to fit the entire screen....i don't like the way the screen auto rotates on full screen when my mouse hits the bugs me in battle so i stay in window mode, and just stretch it to fit

    all i can suggest is open up the Options .....the second option under Video is RES.....make sure the ratio is set to match your monitor's ....4:7 , 16:9 , 4:3 ,etc. ....or just not use a preset like i do...leave it blank....see if that helps
  • Ask a Dev Thread

    according to Celtic mythology the ancient Druids were believed to have descended from Atlantis.....with the game in need of something massive, and new, will they ever implement an Atlantis connection into the game ?

    aside from a few animations there really is no difference between flying, and swimming.....think of the new pets, dungeons, quests, clothing, weapons, field bosses....NPC Aer would play a role in it as possibly the way to enter the new realm....a player could buy enchanted amulets from her to be able to breathe under water.....access to the realm would only be permissible with an active enchant, or token....i figure there could also be sunken ships that were caught up in storms (or sea monsters) on their way to, and from Belvast laden with treasure....and dangers...this would be different from a Shadow'd be more of a continent warp, but to an ocean realm instead...would also add a new angle to the Ace character Treasure Hunter, and Exploration in general
  • Nexon Launcher Is Broken

    my problem of the infamous boot loop is occurring on Windows 7 Windows 8.1 is playing the game just fine....i've looked at all they suggested under the Task Manager regarding ports.....of the 5 ports listed NONE are being accessed....they don't even show....yet under the Network Activity tab it shows constant activity from the Nexon Launcher with its repeated boot looping....allowed it through Windows' Firewall.....put Avast in Passive Mode which turns off all it's shields....and it still boot loops....that's AFTER i downloaded, and installed, a new version of the launcher from Nexon ....i even used Revo Uninstaller so i could delete the Registry items during the uninstall of the previous version before i reinstalled with the newest.....if only they would compare the previous update with the current to see what all was changed ....the coding change was something so minor they allowed it through, yet still significant enough to impact different systems