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  • Dark Skintone Options for Elves!

    i know i'd like to have better clothing options for elves....typical desert dwellers wear long robes.....popular movies depict elves in long robes as about more casual robe style outfits that better suit elves
  • Server Merge

    maybe Mabi could just advertise better outside of Korea to fill up all the servers....while they're at it put in a new 'visual' playing mechanic.....underwater....i've pushed for an Atlantis tie in years back....legend has it that Druids were descended from Atlantis so it totally ties in....we need dungeons, pets, NPCs, items, clothing, many things in game are already capable of crossing over like Bone Marine Armor might actually serve a purpose....also we have the NPC named Aer that can serve as the medium so to speak between realms.....who wouldn't want to fight a kraken boss...flying is the same as swimming just with different backgrounds....instead of focusing on condensing Mabi perhaps try to grow it instead
  • Stop it with the Gachapons

    my philosophy is generally not to pay real money for fake items....but...when i do i expect to get what i pay for....not hope i get something useful while getting loads of useless filler items that most drop in game when they get them....that's what i liked about other games i've played know what you're paying for, and you get exactly what it is you a real store....i would actually pay for that black bag if they had it available in the Item Shop....Nexon loses on this
  • Why stream on Caffeine over Twitch?

    is there a recording of the first stream like Twitch does ??
  • More new weapons at Erinn!

    i have difficulty trying to rationalize a lot of the choices they make with the items in the game....originally it was an ancient Celtic adventure, but now with scooters, mafia, guns, balloon dog pets, etc., the only conclusion i can come to is that the world of dragons, wizards, and the Fomor Wars, has never faded into a result they are all existing in this modern era when Inuyasha crosses over into Kagome's time.....makes it easier to justify battling a dungeon boss while dressed as a Gummy Bear weilding light sabers......and now a chainsaw