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  • 15th Anniversary Rewards

    asked on Discord and was told that it's AFTER we also finish up the Party Favors portion as well...all is good after all
  • Can doki doki flight be used in dungeons

    CONFIRMED.....although you can use the skill to fly to....and....all around a Field Boss (Raid Boss) ....if you hit the V to lower all the way to just hovering off the ground then you will lose the ability to fly back up again, and you WILL be attacked.....hitting V again will do nothing for must leave the battle zone before you can fly again

    how do i know this.....i'm currently lying at the feet of the Lion Raid Boss impressing him with my bleeding skill ....i was fine until i hit the V which essentially puts you on the ground even though you're floating above it a few feet....that big ol kitty widdy took me out while i was floating there soiling myself

    in can fly to, and in, the battle zone....just don't hit V to land unless you are serious about it
  • Can doki doki flight be used in dungeons

    and YES you can fly right through a Field Boss battle zone....not on a pet though....the original question was about Doki Doki flight skill not pets....i do it all the time to evaluate my approach to the dragons to train Meteor Smash when i'm by myself....don't wanna be multi-aggroed by their minions so i fly around them to find the least guarded area to get closer to the like i said before about the's fun to aggravate him knowing he can't touch you
  • Can doki doki flight be used in dungeons

    the WYVERNS don't.....but.....i have seen the Raid Bosses get a bit upset if you hover around too long....especially the Lion (he has a bad attitude ....i've not tinkered with them at ground level in flight would be safe to say they might charge skills because they 'feel' threatened by your being there.....might try it with the minions that hang around with the dragons at Filia and Vales to be sure....a safer way would be to aggravate a raccoon at the logging camp....if it can attack you hovering at ground level then it's a safe bet others could too
  • Should We Allow Men To Play As Female Characters?

    next you'll be wanting to ban Fomors masquerading as Milletians .....then how will i be able to ...uhhh....oops, scratch that....totally a Milletian Fomorians here....tee hee