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  • Your Daily Fashion!

    haha wow life has been pretty busy lately!! i haven't posted here in forever ;;; i look forward to all the ppl who'll be posting in the contest!! i might participate if i have time haha


    i've been wanting a chillin' urban outfit for forever and my bff got it for me today yay :D i thought the after school shoes would complement the outfit and the snapback adds to the whole "cool kid" look. i've been incorporating bags into my wardrobe lately so i thought this pupper bag would look really cute with the outfit. i really want to get a skateboard now or some rollerskates, i think they'd be nice with this outfit (time to expand my wishlist) but i settled for having my scooter with me lol.

    i ran around festia for a couple minutes trying to find a nice spot to take a screenshot. i wanted one near the raccoon but the lighting from the torches was rly weird and made the shadows on my face look icky... so i just chose an area with balloons and a kiosk and thought it looked pretty good.

    this jacket looks so comfy i wish i had it in real life...

    Outfit: Chillin' Urban Outfit (F)
    Headpiece: Snapback
    Shoes: After School Shoes
    Gloves: Dowra's Bracers
    Accessories: Fluffy Puppy Bag
    Location: Adventure Zone, Festia

    EDIT: welp, i'm going crazy, i managed to post a picture the other night but now it won't do it here _(:3 」∠ )_ HAHA nevermind i'm just technologically challenged i guess
  • Your Daily Fashion!

    @LittleCeci image aa, thank you for thinking my style is fab. i really like how you use browns and pinks. you look really sweet image it reminds me of chocolate and strawberry. i need to spam samhain and get the new outfits image thank goodness it's available until january tho. mabi seems kinda scary (especially alexina everyones so much.. better lmao) so it's great to see a social thread like this (and the last one!) that fosters a nice environment image

    o so this outfit. i got it around the time of doki doki island this year? when i first saw it, it was super expensive image but then it dropped because everyone wanted to make money fast so i was lucky and got it for cheap. that made my day image i hope i'm as lucky with the female one. i have some really cute ideas for it image i got the crown but i was dumb and didnt realize that the metal part had to be dyed with... metal dye.. which seems obvious now that i think about it so it was on the back burner for a while image but i finally got the chance to dye it! i just wish the green was a bit more pastel but my green isn't available in the metal dye palette image i could dye it red... but red is expensive lol...


    Outfit: Ruby Adorned Alchemist Suit (M)
    Shoes: Halloween Vampire Boots
    Head: Ribbon Crown
    Accessory: Fluffy Squirrel Tail (90 Day)
    Location: Throne Room in Tara Royal Castle
    Animation: Wild Card Suit

    I didn't know you can use an outfit's animation with the dressing room image it doesn't show for others but i can take better screenshots so that's all that matters image
  • Your Daily Fashion!

    of course my first post would be fashion related

    hi everyone i'm Aliah from Alexina image i've always lurked this forum and after admiring it from afar for so long i'm now here to throw in my trashy style with everyone's pretty ones image

    this forum actually inspired me to be a lot better about my fashion choices and it made me want to wear a new outfit everyday image also @LittleCeci i think it's really sweet of you to make a thread like this and i really admire how you take the time to talk to everyone! that makes you pretty rad image

    anywayyy here's my outfit. i usually use this wig with other outfits that have yellow in them, so i was pretty happy that i could match the flower with the sash image seeing @mintiel posting her outfit made me want to put up mine lol (and yours is really cute image)


    Outfit: Nosuri's Outfit
    Headpiece: Shaman Wig (F)
    Shoes: Cheerleader Boots (not pictured b/c i'm great at compositions)
    Gloves: Shaman Bracelets
    Accessories: Fluffy Squirrel Tail (90 Days) (it's that black bob in the back)
    Location: Avon

    i really regret not taking more pictures image i'm a guy now so that makes it hard to take anymore screenshots with this outfit the sash has a really pretty gradient in the back!

    did anyone else notice that the nosuri idle is similar to a part of the battleborn (f)? it's mirrored and almost identical except nosuri doesn't have you putting your hand to your mouth. i just thought that was mildly interesting.