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  • Very Sad No Card Captors for us!

    Greta wrote: »
    Still trying to understand why Konouba is so liked. Watched the first episode and i was left with disgusted face...
    A guy tried to play hero and save a girl from being hit by truck by jumping on the road (we later learn that it was his illusion or something and it was actually a tiny slowly-moving tractor), she got shocked so much that he died while pissing his pants without even getting hit or anything. Then he meets a bare booty chick that just rofl's around at him for at least 10 MINUTES and then i can't even remember how, but all of sudden they were in town looking for a something like guild i think... Anyway, was cringing the whole time and nothing was actually funny, was feeling extremely bored and uncomfortable for a whole episode, was so glad when it ended and couldn't bring myself to continue watching it... R.I.P.

    Personally can't get it either, even though I finished both seasons. It has some fun elements along the road; found the episode where they visited a city that worshiped Aqua amusing, but in rest it was just okay. I don't understand the hype, I've seen much better and funnier like Baka to Test, but I guess humor is subjective.
    I would LOVE a CCS Collab tho <3. Imagine having a Kero pet, similar to the Fox pet from Maple Story, where Kero becomes Keroberos when mounted <3.

    Edit: Didn't MS have an Evangelion collab recently too? That would have been amazing here too, but not in tone with Mabi maybe? QwQ
  • Rua's House is My House Now

    I'm looking forward to the bookcase. There's a couple libraries I plan on using that chair in.

    Something like this :o?
  • Re:Zero

    ^(Exagerated) Reaction of mine right now <3.

    Needless to say I'm glad ^^.
  • How about some positivity up in here

    I personally also love the diversity and freedom of choice. For me it becomes stale when a game forces me to choose 1 class and that's it, that's who I am from now on; but in Mabi if I feel like learning Magic and then jump to fighter, there's nobody saying "Nope, you are a Warrior".
    Also love the large customization of one's character, that no character will be an exact replica of another.
    Also how the pets fight with you, the skills, the combat system.
    Tbh I could rant all day :D, so yeah, I'ma stop here.
  • So about this vacation event

    Ooo, will definitely take advantage of these lovely drinks :o, not really interested in the pets or outfits. Here's to Mijitos!
    Radiant Dawn