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  • Server Merge Broke Mabi's front page...

    I'm getting the "cannot be found" error message when attempting to access it, so you're definitely not the only one.
  • Why do you play Mabi?

    Life Story Ahead

    I first discovered Mabi at the start of 2008. I was playing MapleStory at the time and was browsing the Nexon site when I saw that registration for closed beta started for some new MMORPG. Of course, I wanted to be a closed beta tester so I registered and ended up not making it in. I forgot about Mabi afterwards, but rediscovered the game the following year when the Pioneers of Iria trailer came out on the YT channel. From the POV of my 12 y/o self, this was the coolest looking game I'd ever seen, and I wanted to try it out. My PC at the time could just barely run it, and I didn't understand what I was doing, so after making a giant and running around for probably 20 minutes, I stopped playing. I guess you can say that I was too overwhelmed.
    Fast forward to 2011, I had been playing for about a year on EU with a friend. He got bored of the game and ended up quitting around June, so I stopped as well and deleted the EU client. My original NA account was hacked, so I made a new one and created a human. I proceeded to go to Vales for the support card, then made another giant that I'd end up getting to total 200 before becoming lazy.
    I'd come back a year later, play heavily on my human, meet a few people who would become my most important friends, and become completely hooked on what I still believe is the most unique MMORPG I've ever played.

    Why do I play Mabi? Or rather, why am I still playing Mabi?
    Short-term: I made a giant post-overhaul and found it more enjoyable than playing my human. Technically, I restarted all over again.
    Long-term: Nostalgia.
    There's just so much that has happened to me over the last eight years of this fantasy life, whether it be in Alexina or Morrighan. 2013, for example, was my most enjoyable year in-game; I joined a guild named Renascentia, that would go through two or three more iterations under different names, and had an absolute blast with them; I made plenty of friends, some that I still keep in contact with, and slowly came out of my shell as I was so horribly shy at the time; I had a relationship with someone that I never expected, and still treasure her as a close friend even after it ended; and I hit total 2k by December, a milestone that I personally didn't think I'd reach at the time. There's just way more in-between all of that, however, but I'd prefer not to list everything.
    Sure, by now I've burned bridges with former friends, had quite a ride of negative drama, and unfortunately reverted back to being a shy guy; however, the negatives still don't come close to outweighing the positives. Lately, just seeing all of these returning players is just one thing that keeps me going. Plus, there's still a few more goals that I haven't achieved yet:

    Get master in all life talents, not including Adventure, and get r1 in MC and HE.
    Become a Royal Alchemist and hold it for at least a quarter a year.
    Grind my bum off for Master Assassin talent. (Ninja grind too boring)

    Perhaps the biggest reason why keep playing is because of the music, and due to that is what makes Mabi and these last eight years so nostalgic for me. Heck, just playing the Saga version of An Old Story from Grandma on the piano chokes me up because everything floods back into my head.
    Hopefully, with some help, I'll have most of the OST transcribed into sheet music within the next couple of years.

    Thanks devCAT and Nexon
  • FINALLY after a decade of waiting (KR spoilers)

    I'm disappointed that the r1 Rest poses aren't the ones that were seen on the wiki before the page was edited.
  • List of things that annoy you in the game.

    Got one thing that's annoyed me for a while now, and that's getting non-tradeable, non-transferable login rewards from events.
    I was so ready to log into my old main for the trade unlock potion today so that I could unlock and transfer my Merlin knuckles to my new main, but I just HAD to log onto my new main first out of instinct.
    Can't put in a pet, can't transfer through the bank, has a bloody timer, etc.
    Make a guess on where that potion ended up today.