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January 25, 1996
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  • Post Merge Names

    I feel like it's fine. It sucks Alexina didn't get first come first serve as already mentioned, but I personally don't want to see a bunch of people running around with the same name, and don't care for dealing with a UID system on Mabi.

    Also @Niought they did make the name change free for people who had their named changed by Nexon. If you had the +server tag added onto your name by Nexon during the merge, you get a free name change.
  • Nao Community Summer Fair 2021

    This is the official Schedule to this year's Nao Summer Fair 2021!

    Opening Ceremonies begin on Friday June 25th, 2021 at 4pm PDT / 7pm EDT at Ch.10 Dunbarton Unicorn Statue

    This year, each event has the option of having it's own Text channel for Info/Rules/Prizes and for discussions of the events. Feel free to join our Discord for access to these channels!


  • Hyper Bingo Event

    I agree that it was kind of rude to make the event so short knowing full well almost no one can complete the board all 4 times. To Maia's point of, it's a company and company needs to make money, so they make it a 0.001% chance anyone will get the wings for free so they can stick it in gacha later, sure, I can see where you're going with that, but Nexon has no problem ruining the market on expensive items in game.

    It's been done countless times where an item is released once, made super rare and super expensive, only to be released a few months later and the drop rate increased tenfold to the point where the item is worthless, so the argument of them being aware of the price and not wanting to ruin it doesn't have much validation to me. But that is just how I think about it.

    It is nice that yes, it's an event we do for free and don't have to spend money to do, but it is kind of a slap in the face to the community to purposely make a prize like that 99% unattainable. Events based on RNG are never really good events. No matter how perfect you are in participating in the event, it makes almost zero difference because it's all RNG, and that's the problem with this event.

    **In my opinion**
  • Quick Fynni Catching Skill Rank Guide

    Just a quick guide for ranking the Fynni Catching skill, if you are like me and rather get it over with. *Please keep in mind this was tested with x6 skill training exp*

    Mob Rank needed - Mob
    E & D - AAHM / Math Dun
    C - AAHM / Lions
    B - AAHM / Math dungeon spam for Hellhounds / Barri for Ogres. (Math is shorter, but Barri has more Ogres than Math has Hellhounds)
    A - AAHM / Fiodh for Werewolves/Lycans would work. / Spamming Rabbie would work for Succubus

    The easiest way to rank the skill is by doing AAHM, as every ranked mob spawns there, but there are other options.

    You want to spam Math dun up until you need the mobs that are ranked C. Then you can spam lions, and with AP training, you can get to r5 fairly easily.

    Once you hit r5, your best bet is probably spamming AAHM for rank B mobs. If you can't run AAHM for whatever reason, spamming Math dun for Hellhounds is
    the second best option. You could also run Barri for Ogres. The rank B mobs give enough exp to use to lv the skill, but if you want to do it quickly, AP train.

    Once you hit r4 and need rank A mobs, I would definitely move to AAHM if you haven't. From there you can easily achieve r1.
  • Nao Community Fair 2020

    The Nao Fair starts on Saturday, we hope to see you there! Join us for opening ceremonies to kick things off at 11:30 AM PDT / 2:30 PM EDT @ the Unicorn Statue in Dunbarton, ch 10.

    We’ve also made a smaller schedule for ease of viewing that includes other player-run events running on the same day as the fair. Check them out if you have time!

    For more info about the Nao Community Fair, please visit our page.