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January 25, 1996
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  • Post Merge Names

    Might be unpopular opinion but this is just a personal preference, I hate games that use the first and last name mechanic and force you into choosing a last name.

    @Helsa "For the folks that happened to be first to get a desirable name and like being the only one, I can see the appeal of how special it makes them feel, but that's one person versus several who wished they had the same name as well."

    (Excluding Alexina) I'm just going to use my own name as an example, but I made up this name years ago, and made sure that I'd be available to claim the name after the server merge because I've had others try to copy it to an extent, with someone from Mabi outright stealing my name on another game and pretending to be me. (This wasn't the first instance of this particular name being stolen from someone on Mabi either, though the other person actually didn't pretend they were me). As someone else pointed out already - identity theft is a real concern and really annoying for the person it's happening to.

    Allowing everyone who wants to be named the same as someone else also negates the effort the person who got the name put into making sure they would be available to claim it. Some people put real life events and work aside to make sure they got their names.

    A similar topic I could think of would be the Seal Stones. People got Seal Stones based on if they prepared to meet the requirements before the server merge maint, logged out at the correct spot beforehand, and happened to be the first person who logged in afterwards. But the people who got the titles, while still luck based, made preparations beforehand.

    So should someone else, who just logged off where ever and ran to a Seal Stone, be entitled to the Seal Breaker title as well? Why not give every single person on the server a Seal Breaker title?

    You'll find some people are all for this idea, while others (even people who missed out on the Seal Breaker titles) would deem this unfair.

    I think it's relatively the same for the name situation, some people would be all for this idea, people naming themselves Goku could bond over the fact they like DBZ, but others with more unique names that might hold significance to them or names they personally came up with would be upset if someone else just happened to see their name, liked it, and started using it themselves.
  • Your Daily Fashion!


    Not my usual style but this is what I'm wearing currently.
  • Nao Community Fair 2020

    The Nao Community Fair is coming back for 2020, and we're currently looking for event hosts!

    If you are interested in hosting an event for the fair, please fill out this form:

    If you are interested in volunteering to help with events instead of hosting, please fill out this form:

    Thank you for your time, let's have a successful and fun fair this year!
  • Nao Community Fair 2019

    Hi there Nao server! To celebrate the merge, a few of us have been planning a community fair event. To be clear: this is purely a player run event. The fair was planned out by Meemerz, Siniavokaja, Levont, and myself. We hope this brings the communities from the different servers closer together and that you all have fun while participating! If you have the time, please come join us at the fair, we’re so excited to spend some time with the new server and see us all come together as a community!

    Our event line up is as follows:
    - Fashion Show
    - Bard Off
    - Gladiator
    - Cooking
    - Hide & Seek
    - Pokemon Battle
    - OX Trivia

    We also have mini events happening during the fair period:
    - Kissing Booth
    - Raffle

    Date: July 20th & 21st

    Please have a look at the Nao Community Fair Tumblr for detailed event information, sign ups, rules, and prizes.

  • Official Past Event Suggestions Thread

    Dragon Boat Racing will always be an old event that is one of my favorites, though we need an updated prize list.