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  • A little too much ptw ?

    Tsumikki wrote: »
    I'll tell you OP this in a really really low voice so nobody is hurt: nice things drop in irrelevant quantities.

    I can hear the whales laughing at this already.
  • So about this vacation event

    Veylaine wrote: »
    this undoubtedly will help new players the best nothing like a bunch of AP at the start to play with. which drink is it btw?


    It seems ok but.
    It's on mobile how will chat work will there even be chat?
    How will all the tab's for skills fit on the screen?
    Will we have all the talents we have in the pc version right away?
    Will we be able to transfer data from original mabi to mobile mabi and vice versa?
    Will servers be better then PC mabi?
    Will this be treated better then PC mabi?
    Can i turn into a seal on this too or will i have to wait a couple of years?
    Honestly to me it seems ok but i already play mabi so why should i care show something different that will give older players a valid reason to play other then it's mabi but prettier as that isn't a valid reason battlefront2 2017 is prettier then the old one but that doesn't make it a better game same goes for this.
  • Crossover Events

    A shameful cash grab and events that barely provide any lasting effect on the game, and weaboos who come so they can dress up like their favorite characters, only to leave the game once the event ends because they fail to realize just how unique Mabinogi is on its own.
    So, I'm pessimistic about this because I know that the game could benefit from a lot of things that aren't crossovers, and that crossovers in general are nothing but a cash grab

    yes weaboos will come and join the game to see and do the event that's a good thing it means we would be getting new players yes a good chunk of them may leave once the event ends but some might stay in the end we could end up with new players with a crossover event.
    Yes lot of them will most likely have anime names and dress up in the outfits but boo hoo let them have their fun.

    a shameful cash grab you mean like gacha.
    Events that have no lasting effect on the game sorry but that's not really the point of an event in the first place that's why it's an event and not permanent content however i will agree the events we have had for crossovers lately have been kinda bad or just didn't have an event.
  • Crossover Events

    This thread is filled with so much cancer....

    Well it is the internet what did you expect a cake?