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  • Crossover Events

    A shameful cash grab and events that barely provide any lasting effect on the game, and weaboos who come so they can dress up like their favorite characters, only to leave the game once the event ends because they fail to realize just how unique Mabinogi is on its own.
    So, I'm pessimistic about this because I know that the game could benefit from a lot of things that aren't crossovers, and that crossovers in general are nothing but a cash grab

    yes weaboos will come and join the game to see and do the event that's a good thing it means we would be getting new players yes a good chunk of them may leave once the event ends but some might stay in the end we could end up with new players with a crossover event.
    Yes lot of them will most likely have anime names and dress up in the outfits but boo hoo let them have their fun.

    a shameful cash grab you mean like gacha.
    Events that have no lasting effect on the game sorry but that's not really the point of an event in the first place that's why it's an event and not permanent content however i will agree the events we have had for crossovers lately have been kinda bad or just didn't have an event.
  • Stream

    hmm sounds ok it's a good thing for giants mains also sorry i didn't get my stream post out like i said i would i fell asleep before the stream started and only just woke up and as this is already here i see little point in putting it up as it's own thread and will just have it here.

    so the overall quality of the stream was good however it was hard to hear some of the materials being said at times but other then that it was great and and has been for the past couple of streams they both seem to have gotten more or less completely use to doing it now and the content is being showed as it should.

    content of the stream:

    giant skills/skill changes:
    wind guard: allows you to use full swing and charge without cool down while it is in effect you can use pots and equip and change melee weapons you can use all melee skills using full swing will drain dura unless you use beast mode you are also able to move while using it it's cool down is now 160 seconds

    Taunt: the min and max number of monsters that are affected by Taunt has changed as well as it's effective range and duration the movement speed of the effected mob is increased and the damage from the first hit from a mob is decreased (no they didn't say how many or how little monsters taunt now effects so i don't know sorry)

    stomp: stomps effect range is now visible the damage is applied the same as regular skills you can apply damage to stunned mobs it is no longer an instant use skill it's more like windmill now

    new armour and weapons:

    armour: to make torso
    you need rank 5 Hillwen Engineering
    materials: 1 plate mail 10 Hillwen alloys 10 Valentin's? (not sure on how to spell this) metal shards 8 ancient beast hides and 5 subzero coolants all of these can be gotten at the end of shadow missions
    stats: def: 10 proc: 3 magc def and proc: 3 dura: 20 max stats: def: 17 proc: 10 magic def and proc: 10 dura: 25

    gauntlets: rank 7 Hillwen Engineering
    materials: one plate gauntlet 10 Hillwen alloys 5 Valentin's? metal shards 3 ancient beast hide 2 subzero coolants
    stats: def: 1 proc:1 magic def and proc : 1 dura: 10 max stats: def:8 proc: 5 magic def: 5 magic proc: 3 dura 20

    graves/boots: rank 7 Hillwen Engineering
    materials: 1 plate boot 10 Hillwen, alloys 5 Valentin's? metal shards, 3 ancient beast hide, 2 subzero coolants
    stats def: 1 proc: 1, magic def and proc: 1, dura 8
    max stats def: 6, proc:4 ,magic def: 3 magic proc: 2 ,dura: 18
    circlet: rank 6 Hillwen Engineering
    materials: 1 plate helm, 10 Hillwen alloys, 8 Valentin's? metal shards, 3 subzero coolants
    stats: def and proc: 1 magic def and proc: 1 dura 10 max def and proc: 10 dura 20

    weapons: hammer can be used by all sword can too but shield is giant only
    hammer: rank 3 blacksmith manual can be brought from Taunes
    materials: 2 silver ingots, 8 Mythril Ingot ,3 frosted brealius (not sure how that is spelled sorry) crystals and 1 resilient ebony
    finish materials 2 finest leather strap, 5 large nails, 3 gems of valour, 3 essence of raw force? (this was said quite unclear so i'm unsure sorry if it is wrong) again these are from shadow missions end chests
    enhancements: crit damage : 5, bash: 5, decrease dura loss: 5

    sword: rank 9 Hillwen Engineering
    materials: 10 Hillwen alloys, 5 gems of valour ,10 frosted brealius crystals, 3 essence of raw force?, 5 resilient ebony
    enhancements: smash: 5, charge: 5
    shied: rank 9 Hillwen Engineering
    materials: 10 Hillwen alloys, 3 gems of valour ,15 Valentin's?metal shards, 8 resilient ebony
    enhancements: smash and charge: 5

    event: free premium giant card you have to register a giant character for this event as it is giant only talk to joe every 100 levels for a box and memorial gem every 100 levels you can upgrade then gem a fully upgraded gem is needed to open the box and you can trade the gem to other characters to gain levels
    stage of gem and how many levels you get with it are as follows: stage 1: 20 stage 2: 50 stage 3: 90 stage 4: 140 stage 5: 200
    stage 3 box will have ace transformation medal stage 4 will have ace outfits stage 5 will have ace badges/emblems

  • A Dream of Giants

    Um pretty sure this update is free and you just got swindled out of that money or you are a reverse hooker.
  • Did the game jus die?

    Ellisya wrote: »
    Entire nexon server died.
    Are they really paying Hamsters well?

    And it died again at 12:40pm pst after restoration.
    And it's back at 12:42pm pst

    Sir Jon hamsterington the 8th went on strike during his 168 hour shift as he was only getting 1/3 of his daily apple cubes.
  • So..

    Ellisya wrote: »
    gacha addict

    Aren't most of us at this point some kind of addict of something to do with mabi.