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  • This event is terrible

    Event is decent. It gives lots of material for people who are training tailoring and/or blacksmith.
    Gems for ego training (yes, egos are still a thing)

    Rewards are not awesome, but I'm content with them, even if the bag rate is insanely low.
    And I like the chair.
  • Eiren Wings: white fog toggle/fog-less release

    Hardmuscle wrote: »
    In the game options... uncheck Mini-Effects..

    You probably meant to write "check" instead of "uncheck" :D
  • Baltane Missions - Enemies only scale down, not up

    Hardmuscle wrote: »
    CP values are focus|instance based (reset the focus, refresh the instance, or wait for new spawns if available).
    RRM wrote: »
    Enemies in the Baltane missions spawn with CP (Combat Power) close to yours at the time they spawn. However...
    I enter the mission with two Red Scar Longswords (+CP) equipped, and enemies show up as normal.
    I then take off the swords (lowering my CP), and newly-spawned enemies are normal to me still.
    I put a sword back on, and suddenly they're spawning in as Weak!
    And when I put both swords back on, suddenly they're Weakest...

    The report clearly shows that there is an issue with how the CP from newly spawned mobs is calculated.
    It seems that the game uses the lowest CP you had during the whole mission.

    It probably works like that (assuming 2000 CP, but anything works):
    • Enter mission with 4000CP (2000 + 2x1000) => Mobs are set to 4000, so they're normal
    • Reduce CP by removing swords (2000 CP) => Mobs now spawns at 2000 cause CP went down
    • Increase CP by equipping a sword (3000 CP) => Mobs stays at 2000, and now shows up as weak
    • Increase CP again (now back to 4000 CP) => Mobs are still at 2000, and are weakest

    Newly spawned mobs should always show up as normal, whatever the CP modifier you're using, it's not a matter of reloading the map (going far away from the mob to have refresh the label in front of the mob name works, but is only visual and totally irrelevant here)
  • Soo, what to do with new talent notebook?

    Hardmuscle wrote: »
    If you completed the book, check inside for a link to collect a reward (like other collection books would have).

    If there's no such link, ... and you don't want to read it ever again, ... toss it. ... or stick it in the bank for no reason.
    Are you even playing ? This isn't a collection book.
    If anything, I would say it's similar to Altam's journal.

    @AppleChancery Nexon probably mistranslated the flavor text, the reward(s) are actually the seal you get for every note you collect.
  • ...20 barri basic runs and No Crystal.

    Well, at least RNG was nice to you with the 5m drop in festia's gacha, so if you really need it and get bored of running, you can just buy it :D