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  • Name change was a LIE

    Not to mention that there is no priority of the original name holders over someone who just wants to take their name.
  • Name change was a LIE

    I could have taken my name if it weren't for the dumb cash shop error. Nexon should have just had it together before releasing this. Literally failing the customers at every corner. Probably the worst customer experience of any gaming company.
  • Name change was a LIE

    Yeah this is complete BS.
  • Issues that Nexon needs to work on

    So as of late I have noticed a few things that Nexon America does that is somewhat bothersome.

    The main issue that comes to mind is that there seems to be a lack of communication between Nexon and its consumers.

    For instance, this last update yesterday when there were problems with the event so it was not implemented, Nexon followed up with a short message explaining that the leaderboard had issues for the event so it would not be implemented. This message was then removed from the front page and no follow up occurred. This left me and others wondering if the event will come later this week or next week with next Thursday's maintenance or not return at all.

    Another point on communication is that we often don't know anything about the incoming events or gachapon from Nexon America until it is released. Some teasers such as new event items, or new clothing items etc in gacha would build a lot of hype and make the player experience more enjoyable.

    My point is basically that more communication can only help and I would really like to see this game thrive.

    Many will argue that Nexon doesn't need to do this and that they are totally fine with how it is and I would say yes, that is true. However, I think better communication would make the game more enjoyable for everyone and would not take much on the part of nexon.
  • How would you feel if there was a new CS item

    How about a new cash shop item Red Ugrade Stone of Protection and Eweca Protective Upgrade Stone