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I am DiablaYukki
  • Why do you play Mabi?

    I first started to play mabinogi back when the aces first started to come out , so i am not to familiar with the game before then , i came here when Merlin and Starlet had already changed mabinogi to something everyone has different thoughts on , i became apart of mabinogi only because of my friend in my high school , he had started to get me into the game because i was only playing flash based games , i have taken several breaks from the game and came backs till every time , i was close to quitting before the last generation of mabinogi divine knights came out , i only still play this game because its a mmo that is different from many others , even if its graphics and engine could be upgraded , i still like the game because its a game i have had fun with for the past few years , i have made several friends with this game and even gotten to know alot of people , i like to still be apart of the game today by helping out people on the wiki by providing info for everyone to use , i still play this game today because i love the outfits the members of this game make , regardless of what region of the game they are from , this game has been fun for the past few years and i hope it can at least keep going for a few more.