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  • Wine making.... ugh

    BTW ranking wine making is easy, already r1 there, but it seems it doesn't have anything to do with making good wine. I will try to not get a bad hit on any of the 3 stats. However, in my experience, when I change barrels at 24hrs, when the game says NOW, I found that not changing the speed of the drain costs me acidity big time, and by speeding up the drain(?) a bit, was able to slow the acidity loss, but of course the purity gets hit. Usually playing that mini-game badly costs in purity, but my biggest hit is usually acidity and it does drop by 2nd barrel change to the 30's... will keep trying ... UGH

    oh Technix ty for the tips!
  • Wine making.... ugh

    All ranks excluding Novice, F, E, A, and 1 require a minimum of 2 wines to fulfill the requirements to rank the skill. Rank F requires a wine aged of 20, Rank E requires 13 completed wines, and Rank A needs 35 completed wines.
    An alternative to Ranks E and A is to age the wine to 30 and 55, respectively. Though cheaper, it is extremely time consuming.
    It would take 56 in-game-days (33.6 real hours / 1.4 real days / 1 day, 9 hours, 36 minutes) to get wine to age 20.
    It would take 84 in-game-days (50.4 real hours / 2.1 real days / 2 days, 2 hours, 24 minutes) to get wine to age 30.
    It would take 154 in-game-days (92.4 real hours / 3.85 real days / 3 days, 20 hours, 24 minutes) to get wine to age 55.
    It would take 280 in-game-days (1 real week) to get wine to age 100.

    So HM, according to that wiki table you (and I) refer to, wine that scores 200 must have an age of 49 or more, and to reach age 49, you must go 3+ RL days, and a barrel change is required every 24 hours, so you have to change the barrel 3 times.

    Now the wierd part is during my current latest effort, because of yesterdays server (unexpected) server maintenance which would have ruined my wine besides my own hand, I changed the barrel one hour early, did a very poor job of removing impurities, but actually picked up a point of acidity... go figure...
  • Wine making.... ugh

    that table what I was going off of, maybe I'm reading it wrong? Twice I had a bottle that was total cumulative value 203, and 210. 3 barrel changes and they were 56 age. And Pencast spit that stuff out and said "No ticket for you!" (okay he said his usual "you call that wine?")
  • Wine making.... ugh

    but I need that sm ticket and that upgrade.....
  • Wine making.... ugh

    Would be nice just to know what the quality requirements are so one doesn't waste time making a bottle that isn't up to snuff...
    (and I prefer a less acidic wine meself...)