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  • Advancement Test Tips and Tricks

    Charging Strike:

    Don't use your other chains. When you get a kill, your chain resets, so you can hit ESC and cancel the current chain you have going and keep spamming Charging Strike.

    What you might need however is to have defense and counterattack at the ready, because these guys ping. A LOT. You don't need to kill them with a fighter attack to reset the chain, so if you hit one with CS and it pings, ready counterattack to get that last hit in and keep going. The rest of it from there on is how fast you can keep charge striking.

    Spinning Uppercut:

    Same as charging strike, except you're going to stop your chains after uppercut. Utilize focused fist and charging strike to set up your chains and get through to stage 2 as fast as possible. This test is a bit critical-hit reliant because unlike Charging Strike, this is Chain Stage 2 and takes longer to setup, so you're not going to get as many hits in.


    This one is HEAVILY critical hit reliant to attain a good score, but you can still control it somewhat by using uppercut instead of somersault kick. Somersault takes way longer to go through it's animation, and in that sense you are wasting time. The chain you want to be using to save time is:
    Charging Strike > Spinning Uppercut > Pummel. (Hah, because they're all dannable. I see what you did there nexon.)
    This chain gets you to chain stage 3 [pummel] as fast as possible, so that way you can get to use pummel more times, granting you a higher score. SS rank on this one is going to take an insane amount of luck. Crits give more points.

    Update: The monster pattern seems to be the same throughout the test. I found a more efficient way to save time. Since chain skills reset upon a single kill, use charging strike for the first goblin hunter, then hit ESC to reset your chain and keep charging striking the goblins until there's only one left. Use the last goblin hunter in that spawn to get you to the 3rd chain, then use Pummel on the giant orge. He has a large health pool so you can get all three pummel hits off even if you crit. A crit on the last hit of pummel usually grants 800 - 1000 points.