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  • "Enchant Success Rate +10%" bonus is not special.

    Currently, as part of the Advent Calendar, there's supposed to be a "+10%" bonus to enchant success rate.

    - Problem 1
    The bonus is not "+10%". The bonus is a flat improvement to enchant powder strength (more or less), and even then it's not a 10% improvement, it's +0.1 in the formula (likely where the idea of "+10%" came from). The actual percentage increases are less than 10%.

    - Problem 2
    The bonus to enchanting success is the exact same strength as the Thursday bonus... meaning enchant success rates right now are the same as they were on Thursday... and the Thursday before that, and that previous week's Thursday, and literally every single Thursday since Enchanting was added to the game. So there's nothing special about it.


    As you can see, it's literally just the Thursday success rate which is less than a 10% improvement.
    So both the effects of the bonus and the name of it need some improvement.

    - Effect Suggestions
    A - Run this same event on a Thursday. The Thursday bonus and event bonuses would stack to make success rates that are actually higher than normal.
    B - Run this event on any day with a higher bonus instead, like the 0.2 ("+20%") bonus that was run one time (equal in strength to A but can run on other days).
    C - Run the "Enchant Helper NPC" event instead.

    - Name Suggestions
    A - Enchant Powder Strengthening Event
    B - Enchant Bonus Level 1 (when it's +0.1) or Level 2 (when it's +0.2).
    C - Dr. Nexon's Cure-All Enchantimization Wondermazement Increasification Bonuserizer.
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  • Baltane Missions - Enemies only scale down, not up

    Hardmuscle wrote: »
    The behavior you're describing occurs everywhere in the game.
    Look at this below shot in detail.

    That mob is literally spawning in right there, you can even see the black smoke.
    The concern is newly-spawned mobs not behaving as the mission is described (it spawns as weak).

    I'm aware that name tags don't update when CP changes while a mob has already existed.
    That's a separate issue which I avoided depicting for this bug report to try to avoid confusion.
  • Community Live Stream: A New Talent!

    As a human, I'm going to use Anchor Rush across Dunbarton.
  • Called it.

    Trythis wrote: »
    Veylaine wrote: »

    Also I dont think giants will be too far off I heard that chain blade could get boosted by might of ladeca

    Really? If it does do giants get the full 15% boost?
    I believe the initial update didn't have it working but then KR patched later and it did work for chain slash.

    The lack of dex on the giant means missing out on more than 15% base damage without other damage sources.
    Even assuming R1 skills and things like...
    +20 max from Chain Blade Mastery, +101 max from an upgraded cutthroat chain blade, and +75 from enchants...
    You'd need a lot of various flat bonuses on the giant to make up for the differences.
  • Called it.

    Ena wrote: »
    no element reforg? then it is sux
    Elemental reforges don't work against some of the newest/strongest stuff anyways, like Girg, Phantasm, Sidhe, etc.

    Ena wrote: »
    i will go for luck enhance over max damage enhance. more luck u have the good thing will happen. only few ppl know what good for high luck
    Luck will add damage for Chain skills but won't add damage for Melee, Fighter, etc. Meanwhile if you enchant for damage, it adds damage to all the non-magic skillsets, which is one of the reasons damage enchants are preferred over stat enchants in most cases.

    Leilicia wrote: »
    The one thing I forgot to do was gather the mats for it. How will everyone get one if they didn't get mats to craft one? Will there be an event that gives you one or?
    The only special material needed for crafting chain weapons is for the celtic one, and that one needs drops that we don't even have in NA yet, so lots of people will be scrambling for them when the update hits, one way or another.

    The other two chainblades that are smithable just use ingots/leathers/braids.