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  • The Official Chainblade Hype Thread

    Crittenz wrote: »
    They just released a new Gacha so pretty sure chainblade weapons won't be in gacha. Gonna be an NPC we have to deal with and prolly an annoying story quest like with fighter and ninja. Still majorly looking forward to it. I wanna see how I like it and the skills look pretty darn cool. Gonna be grinding up my luck stat for sure.
    One chainblade is available from NPCs, the other three are crafted. 2/3 use standard materials (ingots/leathers/braids), the last one is the celtic chainblade that needs materials we don't have yet. There are chainblade skins in KR but I don't know if NA will get them just yet.

    There is a questline involving the NPC which is likely to give the skills, but I haven't done it so I don't know what it's like.

    Sheena wrote: »
    Im kinda hype for this new class, BUT as always we must take things with a bit of salt...

    Will it be a grind fest?
    Will her armor and/or gear in general be behind a paywall?
    Will the mission be annoying? (like the MA talent?)
    1 - Yes, you can see the training in an expandable box under each skill here.

    2 - I mentioned above how the weapons are obtained. As far as "her gear", her outfit came out in KR later as a gacha item (with set effects), not sure of details on anything else like hair/eyes/whatever.

    3 - Not sure, didn't try it or look anything up for it.
  • The Official Chainblade Hype Thread

    Kokoro wrote: »
    I'm just really glad for another dex talent!
    +23 dex at master, +25 total at GM, and +60 Dex from all skills R1.
  • Community Live Stream: A New Talent!

    Chaiiiiin Slaaaaaash

    I wonder how long it'll take somebody to cosplay Ivy from the Soul Calibur series?
  • "Outlaw Pursuit Mode" - Invisible UI

    When going to the bounty board to hunt a boss bandit, you're put into "Outlaw Pursuit Mode".
    This gives you a status effect and allows you to see and interact with random bandit spawns.


    What happens now: In Outlaw Pursuit Mode, the graphics for the "Info" and "Stop" buttons are missing.
    What should happen instead: The button graphics should show up, like they do in commerce mode.

    For comparison, commerce mode still shows the buttons properly.

    However when in Outlaw Pursuit Mode, the graphics just aren't there.

    The buttons exist and can be clicked on, but are not visible.

    Server: Ruairi
    IGN: RRM
  • Tir's Gated Fence.

    Yeah I was excited for Avalon but then sad when it was instanced, it'd be a nice hangout place otherwise.