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  • Fixed Color Dye - Where to Find?

    How does one know if a color can come from synthing or not? Is there a color range?
    Synthing dyes generates a new dye (in the same way that items are normally generated in-game), and dyes use the cloth palette to roll their colors. So dye synthing has the same color palette as using a minigame dye on a normal cloth item (as that also uses the cloth palette).

    Note that items coming out of gachas often have set color overrides, which is why gacha dyes are often color codes you can't find normally.

    #BB9955 doesn't exist on the cloth palette so that exact color can't be generated normally, but #BC8F55, #BF9259, #C19257, #C39356, and #BB8D52 are all color codes that are visually similar, and do exist on the cloth palette so they can be a substitution.
  • [FWD] Animations break every 5 minutes.

    Short Version: Every time the 5-minute update tick happens for characters, animations and poses twitch or break.
    What happens: Player characters are re-rendered which resets animations and breaks poses (as poses won't resume).
    What's supposed to happen: Player stats should update without forced re-rendering happening.

    Long Version: Every 5 minutes in-game, characters get an update tick. This updates various "background" stats, but also affects things like weight (which is why your weight changes seem delayed after eating food). This is how the game works normally, however as of the last 2 patches or so, the update tick has additionally been causing characters to re-render. This causes their animations to twitch (as they reset), and breaks certain in-progress states such as flapping wings (as they stop but do not resume).


    Recreation: Log a character in, wait 5 minutes after you click the login button (your loading time does not matter, the timer is already going when you're loading the map), and at the 5 minute mark, any active animations (from outfits or wearable actions) will reset, causing characters to twitch and some of them to not resume properly (like wing flapping).

    Server: Ruairi
    IGN: RRM
    Also: Literally everybody, you can watch it happen to random players.
  • Mabinogi Documentary

  • Is this a known issue, or was it just me?

    This is the video I linked in the support ticket.

    My items are getting deleted when I try to put them into my house, actively, across relogs.