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  • [4/1] Dev Options & Storyline Keyword Leak!

    So I logged on today to find that we had been pranked, there were monster models instead of players/pets on the character screen.


    But apparently they accidentally enabled some dev options to do that, because I went to my options screen and look what I found!


    I tried out the WIP keywords... and you all know how G18 was kind of meta with the Milletians and "power level" showing up?
    Looks like G21 or whatever the upcoming storyline is will be even more meta!


    Or maybe the devs are just making fun of us...

    Q - Are these real screenshots?
    A - These are definitely screenshots. Screenshots of Photoshop project files.

    Q - How come these options don't show up for me?
    A - Probably because it's April 1st.
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  • Giant trans on tower cylinder = invisible giant.

    What happens now: If a giant starts or ends their racial trans while using a Tower Cylinder, they become invisible.
    What should happen instead: The giant should not become invisible.

    1 - Wield a Tower Cylinder.

    2 - Use the beast/racial trans.

    3 - Use the "Cylinder On/Off" action to install/mount the cylinder.

    4 - End the beast/racial trans (using it again manually to cancel works). Notice the lack of body.

    5 - Dismount/off/uninstall the tower cylinder and you're still invisible.

    Also, if you triggered it by ending the trans while mounted, you can additionally put it only some items to have them render selectively.

    As a note, this is not just a client-side bug for the user.
    Other players who can see you when you take these steps will see you as invisible (or with selective items worn) too.

    Server: Ruairi
    IGN: Rrrydian
  • Crocodile Enchant doesn't work with Chain Blades

    "Enchant available regardless of the rank limit" is a property of the enchant, and does not transfer to weapons.
    (It shows up because weapons copy the enchant's description.)

    You will need to have an R8 or above suffix to put Crocodile on the chainblade, and an R8 or above prefix on the knuckles.

    EDIT: Rank fix, I can math I promise.
  • The Official Chainblade Hype Thread

    Kokoro wrote: »
    If I'm not mistaken, the Cutthroat Chain Blade is superior to the Stinger Chain Blade but darn it the Stinger looks much cooler.
    Cutthroat is definitely better for higher-level players that don't need a lot of crit on the weapon, but for players low enough to not get 30% effective crit (after the target's crit reduction from effective protection), Stinger's additional 35% crit could be what determines if they're able to crit reliably (or at all) or not, which would be worth more than 11 max to their DPS even without red upgrades on the weapon.
    Kokoro wrote: »
    Of course the Celtic Howling looks the coolest but I don't think I'll be able to make one of those considering how many people are scrambling for the materials.
    Can hope to get one (or the special materials for one) from the event coupons.
  • "Outlaw Pursuit Mode" - Invisible UI

    When going to the bounty board to hunt a boss bandit, you're put into "Outlaw Pursuit Mode".
    This gives you a status effect and allows you to see and interact with random bandit spawns.


    What happens now: In Outlaw Pursuit Mode, the graphics for the "Info" and "Stop" buttons are missing.
    What should happen instead: The button graphics should show up, like they do in commerce mode.

    For comparison, commerce mode still shows the buttons properly.

    However when in Outlaw Pursuit Mode, the graphics just aren't there.

    The buttons exist and can be clicked on, but are not visible.

    Server: Ruairi
    IGN: RRM