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February 17, 1993
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  • Mabinogi genuinely effects my mental health.

    This thread is no longer on the topic and I'll be locking it.

    I believe what's been said to the OP has been great. Everyone plays games for different reasons and all of us our here to enjoy Mabinogi, or because we at one point did enjoy this game so much it's now still a part of our lives. Mental health is a very real thing in the world and it's not something to make light of. I hope all the encouraging and engaging posts at the beginning of this thread brightened some peoples days.
  • We need a MUSIC forum!

    Who said dreams don't come true?
  • Rework Base Damage on Skills (Magic/Alchemy/etc)

    I'd support something like this, as long as certain skills weren't powered crept. A rebalance of this scale allows for better damage scaling as a whole. Some skills like Water Cannon and Flameburst already have great top-end damage values and don't need to be increased. That being said, creating multipliers that leave the top end damage where it is, but improve the scaling for players with less bonuses is what the game needs.
  • Tales of a Milletian

    I wanted to try something different, so have a haiku sonnet about Rabbie Phantasm.
    Phantastic reward
    Awaiting below the floor
    Dive into the halls

    Four stone Guardians
    Into the dungeon deeper
    Children protecting

    Final key bearer
    Two long dead lich serve their lord
    Throne room doors open

    Beauty the eyes can’t ignore
    Grace in adventure

    Queen subdued; released; friendly
    Mother to her whole kingdom

    IGN : Alchemy
    Server : Nao
  • I love this update

    I'm not sure you're actually doing end game content? While I do agree that hailstorm is great for mid game it doesn't fair well in end game. It's near unusable in tech missions, you wouldn't touch it for purification, and it's damage fall off makes it non-ideal for veterans.

    Don't get me wrong, hailstorm is great, it'll basically make swiss cheese of all content that I didn't list above but it's just not up to par for other things late game. Magic as a whole is lackluster when everything else far exceeds it.